Blackbird Security Partners with West Toronto Community Health Services

On June 5th, 2023, Blackbird Security proudly embarked on a new client partnership with West Toronto Community Health Services. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as we undertake the responsibility of providing uniformed security guard services with a unique mental health focus.

Our mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents in this three-story building, which falls under the Toronto Community Services umbrella.

A Comprehensive Security Solution

West Toronto Community Health Services houses both government-rented and privately rented apartments, catering to diverse populations, including vulnerable individuals. To address the complex security challenges this diversity presents, we have implemented a comprehensive plan that includes a variety of protection measures.

Enhanced Access Control

When individuals unfamiliar to the building request entry, our tactical security guards will escort them to their intended destination. This includes verifying their legitimacy and accompanying them to their designated apartment if necessary, until the resident grants access. Our primary concern is to maintain a secure living environment while being courteous and respectful to all guests.

Surveillance Monitoring & De-Escalation

Our uniformed security guards are tasked with closely monitoring the surveillance cameras installed throughout the building. Should they observe any attempts to prop doors open, they will respond swiftly to rectify the situation, preventing unauthorised access.

In situations involving unwanted guests or suspicious activity, our trained security personnel are well-versed in verbal de-escalation techniques. Their aim is to defuse tensions and encourage individuals to leave voluntarily. Should de-escalation fail, our guards are prepared to take appropriate actions, which may include contacting law enforcement.

Additionally, to maintain the safety and well-being of all residents, substance abuse in common areas is strictly prohibited. Our foot patrol guards will diligently report any violations they encounter, contributing to a healthier and safer living environment.

Emergency Preparedness

Recognizing the unique needs of this community, we have equipped our guards with the skills and tools necessary to respond to emergencies effectively. This includes comprehensive training in AED, CPR, and naloxone kit usage, ensuring they are well-prepared to address medical emergencies promptly.

Fire safety is paramount in any building, and we take this responsibility seriously. Our patrolling guards will ensure that fire extinguishers on every floor remain undamaged and fully functional, contributing to the overall safety of the building.

Regular Foot Patrols & Reporting

To maintain a visible presence and deter mischievous activities, our security guards  conduct patrols every 40-45 minutes. We understand that blind spots can pose a significant security risk, so we are installing TrackTik tokens on every floor to enhance monitoring and accountability.

Our guards will diligently fill out reports, providing detailed information about their patrols, and submit them within 12 hours of their shift's conclusion.

Community Services, Comprehensive Security

At Blackbird Security, we are committed to providing compassionate security services tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our partnership with West Toronto Community Health Services reflects our dedication to enhancing safety while maintaining a focus on mental health and well-being. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration that promotes the security and prosperity of residential and commercial activity in this community.

In addition to community services, we extend our security plans to a variety of industries, including: 

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