Blackbird Security Partners with Wall Centre Residential for Concierge Security

Whether you're in charge of a business property or a condominium complex, security should always be a top priority. With many condo buildings containing hundreds of individual apartments, concierge security is not simply common sense – it can also be a smart business move. Security was the top issue among those planning to buy a condo according to a TD Bank poll. It ranked higher than parking, energy efficiency, and even closeness to public transportation.

And of course, without a security guard to watch closely over a property and its guests, the door is left open to theft, sluggish emergency response times, crime, and other security breaches. By choosing a first-rate concierge service, all who live and work at a property can feel completely at ease – while giving security personnel the bandwidth to address any emergencies or conflicts that may occur. 

As Vancouver’s top provider of front desk security services, Blackbird Security is thrilled to announce its partnership with Wall Centre Residential in the world-famous One Wall Centre tower.

One Wall Centre 

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the elegant One Wall Centre skyscraper was completed in 2001 and won the Emporis Skyscraper Award that same year. The 48-story project has a Sheraton Hotel on the first level, luxury condominiums on the higher floors, a curved low-rise platform with shops and offices, and a central landscaped plaza that connects the hotel tower to the surrounding structures.

Blackbird Security - The Best in Residential Concierge Services 

As part of our 100% customizable security plans, Blackbird Security is providing concierge services five days a week to the premium residential floors of Wall Centre. At the start of any security concierge partnership, our security experts meet with the property owners to get a better understanding of what the priorities are. With the upscale Wall Centre sitting in the bustling downtown core, where crime rates are typically higher, we worked together to devise a tailored plan for the security of the building.

At Wall Centre, our concierge professionals provide the following services on any typical day:

  • Opening the doors and greeting every visitor that walks through
  • A positive, customer-service based attitude in every interaction
  • A focus on keeping the community of residents safe while also respecting their privacy
  • Preventing the entry of unauthorized mobility devices including bikes and scooters
  • Regular property security patrols (including laundry rooms, common spaces, and parking areas) to ensure resident safety and prevent vandalism 
  • Access control and ensuring only visitors and their guests gain entry

A concierge security guard holds the door open for a resident leaving the building.

What Makes Blackbird Concierge Security Different? 

The demands of concierge security require a highly specialized skill set. A proficient concierge should be able to switch seamlessly between providing top-notch security, serving as a front of house liaison, and handling emergency situations. It takes specific training to strike this balance between professionalism, client-oriented care, security, and building knowledge.

At Blackbird Security, our concierge professionals are thoroughly trained and skilled in all areas of concierge security, including customer service, diversity training, and conflict resolution. As the first point of contact to residents and visitors, they know how to provide an approachable, welcoming presence and offer swift assistance or conflict intervention when required. If a resident is locked out of the apartment, has a noise complaint or other grievance, or is dealing with an emergency, the concierge team will be at the ready to provide a reassuring and calm presence. 

Concierge Options Designed to Meet Your Needs 

Each building is unique, so your concierge services should be tailored to your property's particular needs. At Blackbird, we start the process with a one-on-one consultation to learn about the requirements and features of your building. From there, we move on to do a risk assessment based on the neighborhood's profile. Then we present a quote. 

If you'd like to learn more about how our security solutions can be tailored to your building and budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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