Blackbird Security Partners with Park & Fifth in Gastown Vancouver for Retail Security Services

Our team at Blackbird Security is excited to share that we have partnered with Park & Fifth retail store in Gastown Vancouver, to provide professional on-site security services. 

About Park & Fifth

Park & Fifth is a high-end retail shop that offers fashion-forward and beautifully made pieces for women. Their stores feature wedding, bridesmaid, and occasion dresses that combine timeless style with modern lines.

Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Park & Fifth produce all of their collections locally, selecting fabrics, hand-crafting patterns, and working with production partners in Vancouver. 

As a company, they’re very involved in the process of their pieces from start to finish, so it comes as no surprise that they would choose to partner with Blackbird Security to protect their immaculate collections and provide their customers with a safe and secure in-store shopping experience.

Our Partnership

As a specialty retail outlet, Park & Fifth has much of their merchandise on display, and accessible to shoppers. This is an important part of the shopping experience for the company’s clients, especially for brides and wedding parties, who are considering numerous dresses. 

Not to mention, guests are trying on multiple garments and coming in going in large groups, which can be difficult for staff to keep tabs on when they’re focused on providing a positive customer experience.

As such, the company recognized the importance of hiring professional in-store security whose sole focus is to ensure the safety of their high-ticket merchandise and aid in loss prevention. To support this, Blackbird Security will be providing uniformed security services in their shop daily during business hours.

Why Park & Fifth Chose Blackbird Security

Visual Presence

As a retail store, Park & Fifth gets a lot of foot traffic. With so many customers and staff coming and going each day to shop for their dresses, it was important to the business to find a way to keep their merchandise and shoppers safe. Now, with Blackbird Security on-site, they have a visual presence that can help reduce the potential for crime.

Peace of Mind

Not only do on-site Security guards help to make their store a safer place, but they also give Park & Fifth staff complete confidence that there is someone available to handle security situations appropriately and effectively, should they arise.

Seeing a professional on-duty guard allows customers to feel safer and more comfortable when visiting the store, improving overall customer satisfaction.

Immediate Response

Instead of waiting for emergency response or other parties to arrive in the event of attempted theft, security breach or safety concern, Blackbird Security is stationed at Park & Fifth, readily available to respond.

Blackbird Security staff are highly-trained to handle any scenario, observe and report suspicious activities, and pacify and handle criminals until police support arrives. Furthermore, they are experienced in doing so discreetly, so Park & Fifth shoppers can continue shopping with little to no disruption.

Protecting Your Retail Location

If you have a retail location that isn’t protected by on-site security and is experiencing losses as a result of shrinkage, it’s time you considered the benefits.

The team at Black Security are experts in retail loss, shrinkage reduction, and crisis intervention, and are available to provide full coverage for your retail location in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, or Manitoba

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