Blackbird Security Partners with Holy Family Home to Provide Concierge Security Services in Winnipeg

Blackbird Security is excited to share that we have partnered with Holy Family Home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to provide concierge security services.

About Holy Family Home

Holy Family Home is an accredited care home owned in Winnipeg that is operated by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. 

The 317-bed home offers a full complement of health care services that specialize in meeting the physical, social, cultural, and spiritual needs of its residents, including the challenges of dementia and palliative care, as well as a focus on the Ukrainian/Slavic communities. 

Our Partnership

Blackbird Security proudly provides the care facility with front desk security, concierge services and on-site patrols seven days a week. 

In providing an on-site security presence that is dual-trained to provide professional customer service, Blackbird concierge staff offer safety and security of everyone living, working and visiting the facility, and Holy Family Home can rest assured that their building is protected in any scenario.

Why Care Homes Hire Concierge Security

Provide a Warm & Friendly Welcome

Concierge security provides a reassuring welcome for residents and their families, staff, volunteers, and visitors. They are trained to effortlessly maintain access to the building and offer front-of-house support, while responding to any query with a smile. With concierge security, care homes can maintain the warm and friendly welcome that those coming and going from the facility expect while ensuring the security of the building.

Act as Emergency Response

Concierge security guards are trained to handle a variety of emergency scenarios. They can provide first aid assistance in the event that someone in the building needs help, and can act as fire marshals in the event of an evacuation. The ability for concierge security to act quickly during emergencies ensures the continued safety of residents and everyone in the building.

Reduce Potential Risk

Concierge security guards can assess the existing protocols in place and identify potentially vulnerable areas of the building. Based off this assessment, they can help integrate different systems that ensure day-to-day activities continue without disruption while reducing potential risks. 

Control Building Access

With ongoing on-site security, concierge staff become familiar with those coming and going from the building. They can recognize staff or residents leaving the property, greet family and visitors with a smile, and recognize when some should not be granted access to the building. 

They are also trained in conflict resolution and will quickly diffuse issues that staff may not be equipped to handle on their own. 

Ensure the Safety & Security of Your Care Home

The safety and security of residents, families, staff and visitors is of utmost importance in your care home. Consider hiring professional concierge security to ensure your building is safeguarded against potential risks. At Blackbird Security, our guards are equipped with the experience and tools that are necessary to ensure the security of your people and your property.

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