Blackbird Security Partners with Canna Cabana in Hamilton, Ontario Providing Tactical Security Services

Blackbird Security is happy to share that we have partnered with the Canna Cabana cannabis store to provide a more secure and enjoyable shopping experience for their Hamilton, Ontario customers.

About Canna Cabana

Canna Cabana, the self-proclaimed real OGs of cannabis culture, began as Smoker’s Corner in Calgary, Alberta back in 2009. Back then, they were a small shop providing a safe space for smokers, with big dreams of uniting cannabis enthusiasts of all kinds.

Since the legalization of cannabis, the popular corner shop has since expanded to include hundreds of locations – under the Canna Cabana name – across Canada in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

Our Partnership

The Blackbird team is proud to be partnering with the Canadian-founded business to provide Tactical Security Services that ensure a safe and welcoming space for customers to gather and chat, while simultaneously helping to protect their range of cannabis products and accessories in store.

Blackbird’s highly trained Tactical Guards will be stationed at the Canna Cabana location on Barton Street seven days a week, as part of their custom security plan. 

Our team, who are experts in retail loss, shrinkage reduction, and crisis intervention, will provide maximum coverage for all facets of their retail store.

Why They Chose Blackbird Security to Protect Their Retail Location

Reduce Crimes of Opportunity

It’s no secret that crimes flourish when the conditions allow it to, and that most petty crimes are crimes of opportunity. 

Given that dispensaries like Canna Cabana have extended business hours compared to other retail outlets, along with pocketable merchandise on display, the window of opportunity for criminal behaviour greatly increases.

However, a stationed and uniformed Blackbird Security guard acts as a visible deterrent for potential crimes to occur, by making visitors aware that their activities are being monitored.

Additionally, because our custom services provide the option of regular uniform guards or tactical uniform guards, Canna Cabana is able to select the level of security outfitting that best suits their needs.

Focus on Customer Service

When we first consulted with Canna Cabana, they expressed the importance of providing a safe space for their fellow cannabis enthusiasts that was fun, vibrant and welcoming.

In partnering with Blackbird Security, they can continue doing so by focusing on what they do best, providing a fantastic customer service experience to their guests while leaving the protection of their merchandise up to us.

Plus, should the need arise, Blackbird Tactical Security members are trained to manage hostile situations in a professional and compassionate manner, relieving any burden for their retail staff who aren’t professionally trained or equipped to do so.

Enhance the Shopping Experience

In addition to crime prevention, Blackbird Security experts are skilled in providing a customer service-based approach. 

That means, when our security guards are stationed at a retail location and customers arrive in the store, they’re met with a warm and professional welcome from our team.

At Canna Cabana, staff and visitors are provided with peace of mind while shopping thanks to on-site security, but experience the same vibrant energy they’ve come to expect at Canna Cabana locations.

Is Your Business Secure?

If you haven’t added security services to your business, you’re missing out

On-site security is proven to reduce shrinkage, help prevent retail loss, and provide your business with crisis intervention to protect your assets, your staff, and your customers.

At Blackbird, our team of experts are equipped to provide services in the retail, public, and commercial sectors. Plus, we offer fully-customizable plans tailored to your business's unique needs.

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