Blackbird Security In The News: Protecting Toronto Through Neighbourhood Watch

In Toronto, auto theft rates are on the rise and showing no signs of slowing as we head into 2024. The increased criminal activity has caused residents to call upon Blackbird Security’s services to support community safety. 

Blackbird Security supports a community of 57 households in one Toronto neighbourhood with neighbourhood watch security. As a direct result of our security support, auto thefts experienced by the neighbourhood have fallen to zero nightly occurrences. 

Blackbird Security’s CEO, Ranko Vukovic, was interviewed by CTV News Toronto. Watch the full segment below. 

Auto Theft Poses A Serious Risk To Neighbourhoods

2023 saw 11,767 auto thefts occur, at a rate of more than 33 per day. This presents a 17% increase from 2022’s figure of 9,771. Auto thefts are expected to continue to rise through 2024 and are proving to be challenging to address by Toronto’s law enforcement.

Blackbird Security provides neighbourhood watch security support in Toronto.

In the past, car thieves frequently used technology to remotely steal cars through the duplication of key fob signals. However, as demand for stolen cars has risen, thieves have started taking a more direct approach to theft. 

As reported by CTV, car thieves are now frequently breaking into homes to steal car keys. In one harrowing testimony, a resident says he was home at the time of the burglary and came face to face with the thieves searching his home for car keys. 

Stolen cars are frequently transported overseas, making vehicle recovery a distinct challenge for law enforcement. Proactive measures are proving to be the key to reducing the amount of car theft experienced by residents, which is where Blackbird Security provides support.  


How Blackbird Security Provides The Solution To Neighbourhood Security 

Blackbird Security provides neighbourhood watch security support in Toronto.

Blackbird Security provides neighbourhood watch support through mobile security patrols in combination with tactical security guard services. 

In the case of the Toronto neighbourhood, Blackbird Security conducts patrols nightly from 10PM to 7AM, identified as the window in which car thefts most commonly occur. As a result, security incidents went from occurring nightly to zero occurrences for the past two months. 

Mobile security patrols involve tactical security guards patrolling in highly visible, marked security vehicles equipped with overhead lights. This provides a strong visual deterrent for potential thieves who look for home vulnerabilities in advance of committing burglaries and auto thefts.



Blackbird Security provides neighbourhood watch security support in Toronto.

 As they are onsite during active hours, mobile security guards can quickly respond to security incidents, including triggered alarms. In addition to deterring criminals at the scene, our guards assist with incident report writing, gathering evidence, and collaboration with law enforcement, helping bring criminals to justice swiftly.

The security guards deployed for neighbourhood watch duties are tactical security guards. Tactical guards are equipped with full vests and gear which promotes visual deterrence. In addition, tactical guards undergo vigorous training including in-house advanced security training, use of force training, and conflict de-escalation training. These measures enhance our tactical security guards’ readiness to respond to serious threats, making them an ideal solution for neighbourhood security measures. 

All Blackbird Security guards are equipped with smart technology to facilitate security reporting. We use Tracktik, an industry-leading security reporting software that allows our guards to make real-time reports and collect visual evidence. Our clients can access our Tracktik portal to view the routes of security guards in real-time, adding a layer of transparency for peace of mind. 

Partner with Blackbird Security For Neighbourhood Security

At Blackbird Security, our first and foremost goal is to keep our clients safe and secure. We’re proud to offer our protection to Toronto’s residents and help them regain their sense of safety amidst rising auto thefts.

Blackbird Security’s services span across Canada. If your neighbourhood requires protective security measures, get in touch with us at the form below.

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