Blackbird Security Guards Operate as Parking Bylaw Enforcement Officers for Condominiums in Toronto

Blackbird Security is Canada's industry-leading provider for Condominium Security, providing a wide range of services from front desk security to mobile patrols that enhance and protect residences. In the city of Toronto, in addition to protecting the residential communities we serve, we offer a Parking Bylaw Enforcement service where our M.L.E.O. (Municipal Law Enforcement Officer) certified guards are authorized to issue tickets and enforce parking bylaws on private property. 

Providing Comprehensive Parking Enforcement Services 

At Blackbird, we offer a comprehensive approach to Condominium Security. We understand that our clients need more than concierge and access control and we are equipped to help with the far-reaching needs of condominium owners beyond the front desk. One example of how we do this is by certifying our guards with MLEO parking bylaw enforcement licenses so they are authorized to issue parking tickets to non-residents. 

Blackbird Security offers a service for private properties in the Greater Toronto Area, where we employ our guards who are licensed as MLEO Parking Bylaw Enforcement Officers. These guards operate under the parking bylaws set by the municipalities or 

private properties in the Greater Toronto Area to ticket parking infraction notices when individuals without valid permits are parked in a lot. These are just a few of the ways we work to keep our clients safe, while also saving clients’ time from dealing with parking infractions. 

Blackbird MLEO Certified Guards Work to Support and Protect Our Clients

When you request the service of MLEO-certified guards in the Greater Toronto Area, your building owners and managers do not need to worry about the hassle of dealing with parking enforcement or calling a towing company – they can leave it to us to take care of the training and certifications needed to issue tickets, the enforcement of private parking bylaws, and the towing of vehicles when necessary.

Our certified MLEO guards are highly trained to understand the ethics and legalities that come with testifying in court and will take note of specific details regarding parking violations to support our clients in court hearings. This all-encompassing service saves our clients time and money. 

How an MLEO-Certified Guard Can Keep Your Condominium Safe

Blackbird Security works alongside the condominiums we serve to ensure public safety via proper signage and are also able to issue parking infractions in the following instances: 

  • Violations of common parking bylaws 
  • Violations of property standards 
  • Parking in a disabled space without a permit 
  • Parking without valid permit in private residence property 
  • Parking along a fire route 
  • Parking in a non-designated parking spot 
  • Length of parking infractions 

Specialists in Condo Security 

The Blackbird Security team are experts in creating thorough and well thought out security plans. We tailor solutions for condominiums, ensuring that the specific needs of condos are always met. We work with you to ensure a seamless process of granting our team authority to issue bylaw tickets on your property.

Perhaps you need concierge or front desk security to conduct patrols of the parking lot and condominium facilities at a certain interval of time. If these guards are equipped with MLEO Parking Enforcement certification, they will have the versatility to conduct both concierge and bylaw parking enforcement duties at your condominium. Even if you are located in Ontario outside the Greater Toronto Area, we can still help you set up parking enforcement services. 

With Blackbird as your condo security provider, you have a highly responsive team with 24/7 access to a manager and an overnight mobile supervisor for a guaranteed fast reaction time to all your inquiries. 

If you are looking for comprehensive security solutions you can trust – look no further, Blackbird Security is here to help. Book your free consultation today!

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