Blackbird Security: Ensuring the Safety of H&M's New Ajax Warehouse

H&M, one of the world's leading fashion retailers, is consolidating their warehouses in Brampton, Ontario, and Delta, British Columbia, into one massive facility located in Ajax, Ontario. This move aims to better serve their Canadian clientele, creating a more efficient distribution network.

The inauguration of the warehouse is set to take place during a grand opening event this month. Blackbird Security, Canada's number one professional security services provider, is honoured to partner with H&M again in securing this new facility, extending our range of services beyond retail security.

Blackbird Security's Comprehensive Services

For years, Blackbird Security has proudly provided H&M retail stores with dedicated security services such as loss prevention, tactical security guards, and uniformed security guards.

Now, we are excited to expand our scope to safeguard H&M's warehouse and distribution centre through tailored solutions, including foot patrol, uniformed security, and front desk services. Here are just a few of the protective measures that Blackbird is taking, to ensure the best in security services:

  • Front Gate Security: Protection of the entrance, preventing unauthorised access, and maintaining visitor logs.  
  • Logistic Services: Supervision of shipment loading and unloading, ensuring accurate inventory control.  
  • Mobile Patrol Services: Frequently patrolling the premises, detecting any possible threats or intrusions, and scanning Tracktik tokens
  • Uniformed Guards: Stationed at the gatehouse, these guards monitor and log truck deliveries entering and exiting the parking lot.
  • Foot Patrol: Uniformed guards stationed throughout the warehouse will provide on-the-spot assistance and deter anyone from tampering with H&M assets within the property. 
  • CCTV Monitoring: Round-the-clock monitoring of video surveillance cameras for the highest level of security.  
  • Front Desk Services: Management of visitor and employee access, ensuring a safe, friendly, and customer service-centred environment.  
  • Elite Suit & Tie Guards: High-level security there to welcome guests, check-in staff and visitors, and greet contractors or suppliers.
  • Loss Prevention: Prevention of theft and other shrinkage through proactive surveillance and enforcement.

The Grand Opening of H&M's Ajax Warehouse

As H&M opens the doors to their state-of-the-art warehouse later this month, Blackbird Security will be there to ensure the safety and well-being of attendees during the grand opening event. From the entrance to the warehouse floor - and even behind the scenes - Blackbird’s uniformed security guards and elite suit & tie professionals will be stationed, providing comprehensive protection tailored to fit H&M's needs. Following the grand opening our regular warehouse security team will take over and ensure the ongoing 24/7 safety of this facility.

The Best in Industry-Leading Security Services

As H&M invests in the future by centralising their Canadian warehousing operations, they can trust that Blackbird Security continues to safeguard their assets, staff, and customers with the utmost professionalism and dedication.

If you are in search of the best Canadian security services for your business or organisation, consider Blackbird Security. With our stellar reputation and extensive range of services, we can customise a security plan that best suits your requirements. Our cross-Canada team is ready to serve a wide variety of industries, including: 

Discover the difference that Blackbird can make in maintaining a safe and secure environment for you and your business. Contact us for a personalised consultation, and let’s partner to protect your assets!

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