Blackbird Provides Warehouse Security for Sysco Vancouver

Although they serve a vital function for businesses across Canada, warehouses come with unique security issues that require expert solutions. Warehouse theft contributes to hundreds of millions of dollars lost from Canadian businesses annually. Often considered a soft target, warehouses are an easy opportunity for thieves if they’re not properly secured and protected. 

Are you a business owner with a warehouse to store goods, equipment, or other valuable items? If so, consider investing in warehouse security. Not only does it help prevent theft and damage to products, but it also helps keep warehouse employees safe from crime, provides a first point of contact in emergencies, and offers peace of mind to business owners. 

Sysco Warehouse Security

As industry experts in warehouse security, Blackbird currently provides professional security services for some of Canada’s largest retailers. That’s why Blackbird Security is proud to be partnering with Sysco Vancouver in providing warehouse security services.  

The regional leader among food distributors in Vancouver, Sysco sells, markets, and distributes food and non-food products to a wide variety of industries that prepare meals away from home. Strategically located in the city of Port Coquitlam, their sprawling 320,000 sq ft warehouse requires watertight security to protect their vast collection of goods. 

Blackbird Security will be patrolling the Sysco warehouse overnight, six days a week, to monitor the entire warehouse and provide access control to anyone entering outside of business hours. Our skilled mobile security guards will act as frontline prevention against vandalism, theft, and any other threats to the safety and security of the warehouse.  

Why Partner with Blackbird for Warehouse Security?

Blackbird Security’s team of highly-trained security professionals is equipped and ready to act in a variety of scenarios. Each of our warehouse security team members undergo OFA-2 (Occupational First Aid) certification, as well as extensive training in report writing, computer skills, CCTV monitoring and incident de-escalation. Along with providing patrol services, they are also able to assist with access control, crowd management, foot patrols, gatehouse services, CCTV monitoring and handling phone/email requests – all while ensuring the facility remains safe and secure at all times. 

Team Up with the Industry Experts 

If you’re a business owner or warehouse manager considering hiring security guards to help keep your site or goods secure, don’t hesitate to reach out. We provide 100% customizable security services to businesses across Canada – no warehouse is too big or too small.

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