Blackbird Provides 24-Hour Security for the U in Coquitlam

Around-the-clock concierge security has never been a smarter move for businesses and property managers. Often containing hundreds of separate units, a condo building’s concierge will be met with many competing demands – the most important being the occupants’ safety and security. Providing only the bare minimum of concierge services can create gaps in security coverage, leaving the door open for crime, delayed emergency responses, and other undesirable outcomes. 

Choosing 24/7 concierge service allows security professionals the bandwidth to effectively handle any situation that might arise, while offering total peace of mind for residents, staff, and guests alike. That’s why Blackbird Security is excited to continue its partnership with The U in Coquitlam, expanding its 8-hour concierge service to 24/7 protection. 

The U Residences

Conveniently located in the desirable Burquitlam neighbourhood, The U by Kevington Building Corp is a modern rental apartment complex with 1, 2, and 3-bedroom homes. Featuring amenities like three levels of gardens with fruit trees, a meditation and yoga deck, and sports court, The U brings a truly neighbourhood feel to apartment living. Along with its innovative design, this property also boasts the best in residential protection through its partnership with world-class Blackbird Security.

What 24/7 Protection with Blackbird Security Looks Like 

Our expert concierge services have brought safety and confidence to residents, staff, and guests of The U since 2021. Blackbird Security’s concierge professionals are stationed onsite to carry out day-to-day tasks such as welcoming residents, patrolling the perimeter, checking fire panels, and handling deliveries and packages safely and securely. They are also expertly trained to act in an emergency, providing prompt first aid assistance, acting as fire marshall, and preventing and stopping criminal activity. 

Thanks to Blackbird Security’s extended hours, residents of The U can now enjoy this added convenience, safety, and wellbeing around the clock. Whether residents are welcoming out-of-town guests in the middle of the night or leaving before dawn for an early shift, a skilled Blackbird Security representative will be there to greet them and ensure all access to the building is closely monitored and controlled. 

24/7 Protection Is Worth the Investment

Blackbird Security concierge professionals aren’t just customer service experts. They respond to emergencies, help with building maintenance, and are trained to skillfully and calmly diffuse any security issue. These issues don’t only crop up during regular business hours.

With 24/7 protection, your concierge security experts can greet visitors whenever they arrive. If a resident is locked out of the apartment, has a noise complaint or other grievance, or is dealing with an emergency, the concierge team will be at the ready to provide a reassuring and calm presence, at all hours. 

While Blackbird Security staff receive world-renowned training, even the best security professionals will be stretched thin if an adequate investment hasn’t been made into concierge security. To balance security and service efficiently, and to keep the building as safe as possible, it makes sense to allocate the proper budget and consider expanding your concierge service level to 24/7 care. 

Concierge Options Tailored to Your Needs

Every building is different. That’s why your concierge services should be customized to your property and its unique requirements. If you’d like to hear about how our security solutions can be customized to your circumstances and budget, contact us today and we’ll help you get started. 

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