Back to School Security Tips

The first week of September is often quite bittersweet. The summer is drawing to an end, but the beautiful crisp fall air is making its first appearance. For many families, it’s also an exciting week when children go back to school! Kids are excited to be reunited with their friends, parents can get back to their normal school-year routines and things return to their regular balance. The back to school season can be exciting, but school is also a place that can pose a few risks. Here are a few safety tips to help keep your little ones safe and secure while they’re back at school:

Teach Them About Traffic

Whether your kids take a bus, walk to school or get a ride from a family member, traffic safety is hugely important. Children, especially very young children, should be fully aware of the importance of obeying traffic signals, road signs and traffic officers. Knowing to always proceed with caution and to look out for signs and signals can make all the difference. 

Memorize Basic Info

Based on protocol, schools will always obtain your home and work contact information in case of an emergency, but it’s important for your children to know some basic info as well. No matter how young, children should be taught their home address, phone number and their parents’ full names. In case of an emergency, it’s important to have a few basic pieces of information committed to memory. If your child ends up in an insecure or dangerous situation, they should know to dial 911 and should have information, such as a parents’ name and phone number, that can be given to police. 

Talk About Strangers 

Children should know not to talk to strangers or trust anyone that they do not know. Be sure to teach your children the importance of never following a stranger, accepting a ride, accepting gifts from a stranger or speaking to someone they do not know. They should always go straight to a parent or teacher in the case that a stranger is trying to make contact or ask them for personal information. However, children should also be aware of professionals such as police and security guards. Children should know that in an emergency it is a good thing to speak to a police officer or a security guard, if one is present. If your child’s school has on-site security, children should know that security guards are a positive presence and can be trusted if someone is in need of assistance. 

Consider Cybersecurity 

The internet is very readily accessible to children in this day and age. The internet poses countless threats and safety is hugely important. Teach your children basic rules for internet safety, ensure that their school has cybersecurity measures in place, and be sure to install your own security on any tablets, computers, laptops or smartphones that your children have access to. Cybersecurity threats are regularly changing, evolving and intensifying. Children need to be aware of online threats and should understand the importance of being careful with what they share, do and visit online. 

Going back to school can be fun and exciting! To ensure that it stays that way, teach your children some basic security practices and don’t be afraid to ask what the school is also doing to prioritize the safety of your child. If you or your school need support, resources, education or a complete security audit, let us know! We’re here to help.

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