At Blackbird Security Staff Recognition is Key to Success

Blackbird Security’s greatest asset is our incredible team. From coast-to-coast our frontline security staff excel in their roles. Every week, we hear from clients how our security guards go above and beyond in the course of their duties. Not only are they keeping our clients safe, they’re also providing customer service and pitching in wherever needed.

We’re immensely proud of our security staff, and we’ve put several recognition programs in place to show how much we care. In today’s blog, we want to highlight the importance of staff recognition and how crucial it is for staff retention and growth.

Blackbird Security Employee Awards and Recognition

We appreciate our amazing staff who make Blackbird Security such a welcoming and professional space for our clients, communities and fellow team members. From our beginnings in British Columbia, to our current presence nationwide, we’ve always understood the value of recognizing and celebrating our team’s achievements. Initially, we had a single employee of the month award but we soon realized that wasn’t enough.

Blackbird Security’s Silver Star Employee Award

Our Silver Star Employee Award acknowledges and rewards employees who go above and beyond. Each month, we give a Silver Star to a team member in Western Canada, and one in Eastern Canada. A Silver Star Employee Award is also given to our Manager of the Month. We recognize employees that demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Great customer service
  • Positive feedback from clients, customers or fellow team members
  • Excellent attendance record
  • Vigilant service
  • Professionalism in the line of duty

Celebrating Achievements


Each winner of our Silver Star awards receives a certificate of excellence, a Silver Star to wear on their uniform, and a shout out in staff newsletters and on social media. They also receive an additional financial reward.

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