Are You Using Technology to Your Advantage?

A lot of businesses, especially smaller businesses, tend to get a bit nervous about technology. There are constantly new technologies, new devices, updated systems and more high-tech options becoming available. Considering and choosing which technologies are right for your business, or even your home, can be overwhelming. Some business owners enjoy testing out new technology but many tend to shy away or avoid it altogether. While not every piece of technology in the market is necessary or worth the investment, there’s a lot to be said for correctly leveraging technology within your business. Technological needs can vary, depending on the nature or your business, but here are a few things to consider when it comes to using technology to your advantage: 

Remote Access

A lot of security systems, for either a home or a business, now offer remote access. This can be a great tool to take advantage of. The options range from being able to view live security footage to being alerted if a motion light is activated to being able to lock your doors and change the temperature, all from your smartphone or laptop. Remote access has to be carefully monitored and access should certainly be restricted to only those that absolutely need it, but it can be an incredibly useful tool. Imagine being notified of an emergency or breakin, and being able to assess the situation in real time rather than only being notified after the damage has been done. This can be a very effective means of managing situations before they escalate.

System Integration

Now, as systems improve and more options become available, many products are getting better at offering effective integrations.  When you’re looking for security systems to manage cybersecurity, data protection, encryption, and on-site perimeter security, look for systems that integrate well. You should be able to integrate various systems and see everything that’s happening from one place. This will help to manage various systems, but it will also help to anticipate any potential issues. One system can alert another to a potential threat and the correct series of actions can then be initiated across multiple systems or platforms. Integrating systems makes things simpler, but it also ensures that everything is on the same page, working towards the same goal, making all information accessible and keeping your business or home protected.

User-Behaviour Analytics

If an account is compromised or someone acquires a username and password that grants them access to any of your systems, this can be hugely problematic. Once someone has internal access within a system, there is a myriad of malicious behaviour that they can then engage in, causing harm to your business. One way to avoid this from occurring is to make use of user-behaviour analytics. Most of our technology blocks unwanted parties from accessing a business, location or system. But what happens if a loophole is found? User-behaviour analytics assess the usual and normal activity of your system users. Collecting data on this activity allows for unusual activity to be recognized and flagged immediately. 

Unfortunately, as technology and systems evolve, threats do as well. Shoplifters get smarter, hackers discover new points of entry and criminals come up with more advanced methods. Utilizing technology is a great way to combat this. Keep systems integrated and updated, and use technology to your advantage. If you have any questions about how to best utilize technology or need assistance in managing or integrating your security systems, let us know! We’re here to help.

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