Are You Investing Enough in Industrial Security?

It’s a challenging time for our friends in the industrial sector. The pandemic has brought with it increased safety risks, health checklists to complete and mandatory inspections. Now, as the health side of things winds down, these business owners are faced with rising logistics costs and supply chain issues.

Despite these growing challenges, the safety and security of everyone on site remains their number one priority. Whether you own a factory, warehouse, or industrial camp, Industrial Security is essential for the continued safety and success of your business. During the pandemic, industrial security guards have become indispensable around work sites, performing health checks, and acting as a powerful visual deterrent against rising industrial thefts.

Unfortunately, security is something a lot of business owners think they can do without. In a time of brazen industrial theft and tight margins, it’s never been more important to invest in industrial security. At Blackbird Security, our Industrial Security Guards possess years of experience providing security for large-scale industrial and infrastructure projects.

Here are some of the ways our industrial security staff can help protect your work site.

Uniformed Security Guards

It’s hard to beat the effectiveness and impact of a uniformed security guard at an industrial site. Their presence highlights the care and thought placed in security, while scaring away most opportunistic criminals. Like every Blackbird Security service, our uniformed security guards can be deployed on long or short-term contracts, on terms that work for your industrial site. No site is too difficult for these dedicated professionals, and we’ve seen them deployed in remote camps in Northern Alberta where access and extreme weather are common issues.

24/7 Mobile Patrol Security

Industrial sites are often sprawling sites with plenty of hidden corners and potential access points. It’s a lot for a stationary security guard to cover. Our mobile patrol service is a big hit with industrial clients as it allows our guards to cover large sites in a highly visible security vehicle. These patrols can be customized to your preference, with our mobile patrol guards embarking on pre-arranged routes on a randomized schedule. We can also configure this service as an alarm response service triggered by certain actions.

Concierge Security

Concierge, or front desk security, acts as the eyes and ears of an industrial site. Stationed at the access point of your industrial site, our concierge security professionals are equally adept at providing a warm welcome as they are monitoring CCTV and providing world class security. These highly adaptable concierge security guards will enforce your policies, while acting as the eyes and ears of the site at your access point.

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