A Day In The Life Of A Blackbird Security Mobile Patrol Guard

Mobile security patrols are quickly growing in popularity as a flexible security solution throughout Canada. These patrols add a comprehensive, yet cost-effective, layer of security to any business’s security strategy. 

Join Hitesh, a Blackbird Security mobile patrol guard supervisor based in Vancouver, as he performs his mobile security guard duties throughout the day. 

Why Choose Mobile Security Patrols?

Mobile security patrols are an effective way to elevate security on sites that don’t require a static uniformed guard to be present at all times. Mobile patrols can be conducted on a randomized schedule, serving to deter potential criminals and trespassers. In the event of a triggered alarm or other security emergency, our 24/7 Control Centre staff is on hand to deploy the nearest mobile security guard to the site to mitigate any security threats. 

Mobile patrol security is suitable for any business, from condominiums to hotels, retailers, warehouses, and more. Blackbird Security’s mobile patrol fleet is quickly growing throughout Greater Vancouver, the Greater Toronto Area, Calgary, Regina, and Edmonton

Blackbird Security provides mobile patrol security to businesses across Canada including hotel security, residential security, warehouse security

Blackbird Security Day in the Life: Mobile Patrol

1. Check Itinerary

First, Hitesh checks his itinerary for the day on the Tracktik mobile app. This lets him know the businesses he needs to check in on for the day.

2. Site Check-in

Mobile security guards will perform site checks to ensure that everything is secure within a client’s building and throughout the property. When Hitesh reaches his first site, he checks in with the client to learn about the specific challenges faced by the business throughout their day-to-day operations and how he can support them in their security goals. 

Typical site checks include monitoring for:

  • Maintenance issues
  • Trespassers
  • Litter on property
  • Access point security
  • Suspicious activity
  • Property damage

If any issues are found, Hitesh reports incidents through Tracktik. Tracktik is a security workforce management software that allows our clients to view reports and security activity in real-time through the Blackbird Security Tracktik portal. 

3. Foot Patrols

For larger sites, such as warehouses, residential buildings, or parking lots, mobile security guards will perform a foot patrol around the premises.

Each site is fitted with several Tracktik tokens, which need to be scanned by Hitesh’s mobile phone in the Tracktik app. Tracktik tokens are placed strategically throughout a site in high-priority areas, ensuring that these areas are checked during each mobile patrol visit. 

Within the video, Hitesh performs a maintenance check on a pipe leak in an underground parkade, which was an active problem at the site that was recently resolved. He confirms there is no leakage and adds it to his report in the Tracktik app. This ensures the client is made aware that the issue is treated and inspected.

Blackbird Security provides mobile patrol security to businesses across Canada including hotel security, residential security, warehouse security

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Clients trust us to deliver premium mobile patrol security across every industry. At Blackbird, our clients can take advantage of our robust, nationwide scope while enjoying the personalization and care of a boutique security company. We’re committed to providing a best-in-class experience for every business we service throughout Canada. 

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