8 Surprising Condo Security Guard Tasks That You Wouldn’t Expect

When considering condominium security, most people picture a security guard maintaining vigilance at the front desk or a uniformed guard standing at the lobby door. Most people don’t realize that a condominium security guard’s job extends beyond merely monitoring the property. In reality, condo security guards perform a wide variety of tasks that often go unnoticed by those looking on from the outside.

As Canada’s leading condominium security provider, we’re intimately familiar with the various duties condominium security guards undertake as part of their role. In this blog, we’ll dive into 8 surprising tasks performed by condominium security guards.

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Types of Condominium Security Guards

There are primarily three types of condominium security guards that we deploy most often to condominiums. First are concierge security guards, who operate from the front desk of condo buildings. These guards are most often found in luxury condo buildings where an emphasis on customer service adds value to the resident experience. In addition to staying alert for unauthorized visitors, concierge security guards will also monitor CCTV camera footage.

Uniformed security guards are another type of security guard frequently deployed to condominium buildings. Unlike concierge security guards, whose suit and tie deportment communicates a sense of friendliness and service, uniformed security guards wear a uniform decorated with the logo of their security company, often with the word “security” clearly visible. This sends a clear message that the building is protected, deterring any potential criminals.

Mobile security guards are frequently deployed to condominium buildings during overnight hours to provide an extra layer of security. These guards patrol sites in a highly visible security vehicle equipped with flashing overhead lights. They ensure that condominiums remain protected overnight and can respond to any triggered alarms so that buildings always have a security staff member on hand in the case of an emergency.

Blackbird Security provides condominium security services to clients in Toronto and across Canada

Surprising Security Guard Tasks

1. Environmental monitoring

In addition to monitoring for unauthorized visitors, security guards keep a watchful eye on the property as a whole. This includes reporting maintenance issues such as broken lights, leaks, damaged doors, graffiti, or fire hazards, in addition to monitoring CCTV cameras. This provides a proactive approach that helps address maintenance issues promptly, contributing to the overall upkeep of a condominium complex and a safe living environment.

2. Resident welfare checks

Condo security guards can conduct patrols to ensure the well-being of residents when needed, particularly residents who may live alone or require assistance. This provides valuable peace of mind to residents and can minimize the need for external support from the police or another third party in conducting welfare checks.

3. Package concierge service

Condominium security guards often double as package concierges. They receive, log, and securely store packages for residents, ensuring that deliveries are safely stored until their intended recipient is available to collect them. This mitigates instances of package theft and contributes to resident satisfaction.

4. Emergency response

In emergencies, condo security guards are often the first people on the scene. At Blackbird Security, all of our guards are trained in first aid and CPR, enabling them to provide immediate assistance to residents in distress. This ability is critical in stabilizing medical emergencies until first responders arrive. In the event of fires, medical incidents, or security breaches, condo security guards play a crucial role in coordinating response efforts. They assist residents in evacuating the building, communicate with emergency services, and provide support until the situation is resolved.

In cities such as Toronto, guards or condominium managers may work with organizations such as Lifeline Fire Protection to ensure that fire alarms and fire safety systems are working properly and up to date. To learn more about how security guards respond to fire alarms, read our previous blog, How Security Guards Respond To Fire Alarms In Condominiums.

5. Noise complaint resolution

Condo security guards commonly address noise complaints from residents, investigating the source of disturbances and taking action to resolve issues. This may involve issuing warnings, mediating disputes, or contacting building management.

6. Lockout assistance

If a resident accidentally locks themselves out of their unit, condominium security guards can assist. Depending on the building, security guards will either be able to unlock the doors of units directly or facilitate communication on behalf of the resident to help unlock their door, whether by contacting the building manager or a locksmith. This provides a meaningful service to residents who would otherwise need to contend with the situation alone.

7. Community engagement

Security guards engage with residents on a personal level, fostering a sense of trust within the condominium complex. Maintaining rapport with residents adds tangible value to the security service as a whole in a visible way. Whether it's offering friendly greetings, answering questions, or providing assistance, guards contribute to a positive living experience for residents.

8. Emergency preparedness training

Security guards can facilitate emergency preparedness training sessions for residents or strata councils, educating attendees about evacuation procedures, emergency protocols, and safety best practices. These sessions empower residents to respond effectively to emergencies and contribute to a safer living environment.

Blackbird Security provides condominium security services to clients in Toronto and across Canada

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Condo and residential security guards play a complex role in maintaining safety, security, and quality of life within residential communities. In addition to the traditional security duties which provide a necessary layer of protection, their contributions to building communities enhance the experience of residents and provide valuable peace of mind, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for residents to call home.

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