6 Ways To Prevent Theft At Construction Sites

Construction sites are prime targets for theft due to the high value of equipment, materials, and tools present. Across Canada, construction site thefts total upwards of $1 billion Canadian dollars annually. With the cost of equipment and materials on the rise, that number is only expected to increase. Tools and equipment make up the majority of stolen items, but materials like copper, fuel, and electronics are other items commonly taken from job sites.

Considering theft can cause significant financial losses and delays in project timelines, implementing robust construction site security measures is essential to safeguard your site. Here are six effective ways to prevent theft at construction sites.

1. Track Access To Your Construction Site

Regulating who enters and exits your construction site is critical to maintaining a safe site. Access control systems help monitor and restrict site access. Consider implementing a visitor log to record everyone who stops by the site including delivery personnel, contractors, and guests, to keep track of who is on site at any given time.

For sites in large lots requiring vehicles to drive inside, gate control security is an effective security measure. Gatehouses prevent unauthorized vehicles from driving through, while a security guard is present to verify visitor identification. This prevents unauthorized visitors from accessing sites while serving the dual purpose of monitoring and recording site visitors.

2. Install CCTV Cameras and Alarm Systems

Not only are surveillance cameras crucial in providing evidence in the event of a security incident, but they’re also a powerful deterrent and a valuable tool for monitoring activity on your construction site. CCTV cameras should be placed strategically at key locations including entrances, exits, storage areas, and around the perimeter.

To utilize CCTV cameras in the most proactive way possible, it’s beneficial to monitor the cameras throughout the day. In addition to performing admin duties and directing visitors, front desk security guards, will monitor CCTV cameras throughout their shift. This prevents both criminal incidents and adds an extra layer of safety to construction sites, as security guards will be able to act in case of an emergency.

3. Secure Valuable Equipment and Materials

Ensuring that equipment and materials are properly secured is essential in preventing theft. Operating keys for machinery should be removed and collected in a secure location at the end of the day, while valuable materials such as copper should be stored in a locked storage container overnight. Site management should keep a regularly updated, detailed inventory of tools, equipment, and materials.

The majority of construction site thefts take place between 6PM and 5AM. To prevent thefts outside of working hours, consider hiring mobile security patrols. These patrols occur several times throughout the night and are more cost-effective than hiring a static security presence. While on a mobile patrol, guards will monitor the site for suspicious activity and report any findings.

Mobile patrols provide an additional layer of security and peace of mind. Should an alarm be triggered on a site overnight, the nearest Blackbird Security mobile patrol officer will be deployed by our 24/7 Control Centre team.

4. Install Lighting

Strong lighting is a simple and effective way to deter potential thieves. Well-lit areas make it difficult for intruders to operate unnoticed. Consider installing floodlights along the site perimeter and motion-activated lights around key areas.

5. Foster a Security-Conscious Work Culture

Creating a security-conscious culture among your workers can significantly reduce the risk of theft. Encourage workers to report any suspicious activity or unfamiliar individuals to site management immediately. Workers should be trained to follow proper lock-up procedures at the end of each workday. Be sure workers are updated on security and safety protocols on a regular basis.

6. Hire Professional Security Guards

Finally, the most sure-fire way to prevent theft at construction sites is to hire professional security guards from a reputable security company. Professional security guards provide the strongest deterrent against theft. Depending on the size and complexity of your site, you might consider the following security guard options:

  • Uniformed security guards: Conduct regular patrols and monitor the site during working hours. Uniformed security guards can supervise visitors and material on/off-loading within sites, and even perform regular overnight patrols.
  • Mobile patrol security: Conduct patrols using a marked security vehicle. Patrols can be scheduled on a randomized basis at any time of day or night, ensuring protection during overnight hours.
  • Front-desk security: Monitor CCTV cameras and maintain a record of site visitors. These security guards can assist with admin duties as needed.
  • Gatehouse security: Monitor vehicles entering and exiting the site, maintaining a log of visitors and ensuring that no unauthorized vehicles access the property.

Blackbird Security guards receive first-aid training through Blackbird Academy, an essential benefit given the frequency of workplace accidents within the construction industry. This provides site safety personnel with additional support in providing aid to injured workers. Security guards can smoothly coordinate with first responders in the event of a serious accident or emergency.

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Preventing theft at construction sites requires a multi-pronged approach. While unmanned physical security measures such as alarms, CCTV cameras, lighting, and locks are helpful in an overall construction site security strategy, combining these measures with an on-site security presence provides the best outcomes in theft prevention.

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