6 Tips For Condominium Security

Condominiums can be vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities, making it crucial for condo associations to ensure a safe environment for residents and visitors. By putting in place robust security measures, the risks and liabilities linked to security breaches, emergencies, and criminal events on the property can be minimized. Most importantly, comprehensive and efficient security measures offer residents a sense of security and reassurance.

What steps should condominium management take to ensure resident safety? Join us as we explore our top 6 tips for condominium security.

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1. Implement Access Control Systems

Implementing robust access control systems regulates entry into condominium buildings and ensures that only authorized individuals can access residential areas. Electronic key fob systems or keypad entry systems at main entrances, gates, and doorways will prevent unauthorized entry and provide a higher level of security than simple locks. Access to common areas including gyms, pools, and parking garages should be restricted to only authorized visitors and residents.

2. Increase Visibility With Surveillance Cameras and Lighting

Surveillance cameras placed in strategic locations throughout the premises of a condominium provide visual monitoring capabilities and evidence in the case of a crime. Security cameras are more than a reactive security tool, however, as they can be an effective strategy in proactive deterrence. Ensure security cameras are placed strategically in high-volume places such as lobbies, hallways, access points, and parking areas. Be sure to check and maintain your security camera system regularly, and have security personnel carry out frequent CCTV monitoring to catch any unwarranted activity.

Lighting goes hand-in-hand with security cameras as a passive security solution. Adequate lighting ensures that security cameras can pick up as much of the scene as possible, improving their effectiveness. Lighting also functions as a deterrent for potential vagrants and trespassers, who will be less likely to commit a crime in a highly visible location.

3. Educate Resident Community About Safety

While building managers can and should take steps to ensure security as much as possible, security is ultimately everyone’s responsibility. Condo residents should be aware of best practices, such as not granting unknown visitors access to buildings and waiting for parking garage gates to close completely before driving away. These learnings can be taught in strata meetings or communicated through notices.

4. Hire Security Personnel

Security guards are the most comprehensive security solution for condominiums. On-site security personnel provide real-time, customized assistance for any security issue that may arise. This provides a meaningful sense of security and safety for residents.

Beyond providing security services, condominium security guards function as staff members that residents can count on. Here are the most common types of security guards found in condominiums:

Uniformed Security Guards

Within condominiums, uniformed security guards will typically be stationed at the main entrance of the building. This provides a visual deterrent to potential criminals and communicates that a condo is well-protected.

Concierge Security Guards

Luxury condominiums in metropolitan areas frequently have a front desk or concierge security guard present. These security guards are highly skilled in customer service - creating a friendly environment for building residents and assisting them with their needs while keeping an eye out for uninvited trespassers. Concierge security guards also typically monitor CCTV cameras throughout the building while at their station.

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5. Schedule Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile security patrols are a flexible and cost-efficient way for condominiums to implement professional security. These patrols involve a security guard making scheduled patrols in a marked security vehicle. During patrols, mobile security guards will check the security of access points, check for maintenance issues, peacefully remove vagrants, and report their findings.

Mobile patrols can be scheduled for any time of day or night, providing a high degree of flexibility for condominiums. For condos that may have a static security guard during the day, but lack one at night, mobile security provides an added layer of protection overnight. In the event of a triggered alarm, a mobile security guard will arrive promptly and take action as needed. Additionally, mobile security is more cost-effective than static security, providing a solution for condominiums that may lack the budget for a static security guard.

6. Get A Security Audit And Build A Security Strategy

The best way to know which security solutions are right for your condominium is through a security audit. A professional and experienced security company will be able to inform you of weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. This allows a starting point for developing a larger security strategy for your condominium. A condominium’s security strategy should cover emergency preparedness and strategic action plans for when an emergency occurs.

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Providing excellent condominium security is essential for both the protection of building property and for the peace of mind of condo residents. Condo managers and building associations must ensure the best possible security for their residents, including partnering with an experienced condominium security company.

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