4 Reasons to Hire Executive Protection

For high net worth individuals, security measures matter more than ever. We know many criminals are quick to act and organize when power and status are involved, as we’ve seen time and again in highly publicised incidents (Remember the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr.? Or the armed robbery of Kim Kardashian during Paris Fashion Week?). Given this, the security experts at Blackbird Security highly recommend Executive Protection for such cases. 

Also known as Close Protection, Bodyguard Services, High Profile Individual Protection, VIP Protection, and Government Protection Services, all Executive Protection works to keep the lives and livelihoods of elite individuals out of harm’s way, via meticulous planning and a strategic security detail. So in this blog, we’ll explore the top five reasons why hiring Executive Protection is a smart move.

Executive Protection Provides Physical & Financial Safety

The primary reason to hire Executive Protection if you are a high net worth individual should be obvious: To keep you, your family, and your assets safe from harm’s way. It’s an unfortunate fact that public figures and high-net-worth individuals are exposed to elevated risk, and there’s no telling what violent acts – e.g. assault, extortion, or kidnapping – could transpire should a criminal pick up on your movements.

By hiring Executive Protection services, you can rest easy knowing a team is providing round the clock, discreet, and effective executive protection for you and your family. At Blackbird, our Close Protection Officers undergo rigorous training that equips them with the ability to comfortably handle any scenario, mapping out routes well in advance and creating strategies for dealing with all circumstances. 

Executive Protection is Privacy Protection 

For a high net worth individual, executive protection is key to keeping private lives and personal details under wraps. Since criminals will use anything they can to extort a high profile individual for financial gain or notoriety, Executive Protection helps ensure confidentiality and discretion. These professionals are intelligent, discreet, decisive, and comfortable not disclosing any sensitive information.

Executive Protection Offers Peace of Mind While Travelling 

No matter where in the world a high net worth individual goes, Executive Protection is there to safely escort them to and from any destination. What’s more, cornerstone of any effective Executive Protection services is the continuous undertaking of Risk Assessments. By analyzing their client’s routes and routines, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and deploying reinforcement when needed, Executive Protection ensures all travel plans go, well, as planned.

At Blackbird Security, each of our Executive Protection Officers possess a full Canadian driving license, offering chauffeur services to clients that keep their safety top of mind. 

Executive Protection Can Save Your Reputation 

Finally, Executive Protection can be reputation saving. Since crime targeting high profile individuals tends to attract media attention, the perpetrators behind such acts may be motivated to “expose” the individual and tarnish their standing in order to attract more eyeballs. Items containing sensitive information such as cell phones, cameras, and computers can come at a cost far beyond their retail value should they find their way into the wrong hands – and such events can lead to lasting consequences.

That’s why bringing Executive Protection into the fold provides the added assurance that a high profile or high net worth individual will be safe from reputational harm. From safeguarding valuable information, to deterring security breaches and threats, Executive Protection is here to “defend your honour” at every turn. 

Partner with Blackbird Security for Executive Protection Services 

If you’re looking for Executive Protection services in Canada, Blackbird Security is proud to offer the most comprehensive protection for high net worth individuals, with 24/7 coverage and chauffeur options available. Contact us today to create a flexible, fine-tuned plan that works for you. 

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