5 Ways Security Guards Keep Campuses Secure During Summer Break

Though most university and college students vacate campuses during summer break, security guards are needed to perform various duties on campus when school is out of session. Campus security guards work over summer break to ensure the continued maintenance and safety of campus buildings and areas. In doing so, they protect the students and faculty who study or work on campus during summer break, while providing a safe and well-maintained campus for students to return to once school returns.

In this blog, we’ll explore how campus security guards keep colleges and universities safe over the summer.

Blackbird Security provides campus security to colleges and universities in BC Ontario and across Canada

1. Conducting Alarm Response

Should an alarm be triggered at any point during summer break, the cause will need to be investigated and a security guard will need to respond. Common alarms triggered on campuses include fire, access point, and car alarms. A trained security guard should always be the one to respond to a triggered alarm, as they have the knowledge and experience needed to handle security or safety threats.

Mobile security guards are one way that campuses can incorporate alarm response into their security strategy. Mobile security guards patrol in marked security vehicles, allowing them to reach sites quickly. Blackbird Security mobile guards will be promptly deployed to investigate a triggered alarm by our 24/7 Control Centre team, ensuring peace of mind for campus residents, staff, and management.

2. Responding to Security Threats

Summer break doesn’t necessarily spell a decrease in crime. Fewer individuals on campus may embolden acts of theft and vandalism due to lower visibility. The presence of campus security guards provides a deterrent factor to potential criminals, reducing criminal incidents.

Campus security guards will respond to security incidents and reports on campus including altercations, vandalism, break-ins, vagrancy, and more. This ensures the protection of students, staff, faculty, and campus property over summer break. Security guards will also write and create reports to ensure maximum visibility across all security and maintenance issues.

3. Patrolling School Buildings

Many campus buildings house valuable equipment that may be the target of summer thefts. Security guards help mitigate thefts and other security threats by continually patrolling school buildings. Uniformed campus security guards on patrol provide a visible deterrent to potential thieves and criminals, reducing opportunities for theft and break-ins.

Blackbird Security provides campus security to colleges and universities in BC Ontario and across Canada

4. Patrolling Campus Parking Areas

Parking lots on campuses typically stay open over summer break, allowing summer students, faculty, and staff to park their cars conveniently. Open parking lots require the presence of parking security guards to maintain safety and ensure vehicles follow lot rules. Additionally, students frequently use parking lots as party spaces, which parking security guards will monitor and disband as needed.

5. Providing Security For Campus Events

Campus events during summer, such as alumni events, faculty meetings, and conferences benefit from a campus security presence. Campus security guards ensure these events are conducted safely and securely by managing crowd control, monitoring for security threats, and providing assistance as needed.

Blackbird Security Protects Douglas College Campuses

Blackbird Security protects Douglas College campuses at Anvil Tower, New Westminster, Coquitlam, and Surrey Training Campus, as well as its soon-to-be-completed new building at 808 Royal Avenue. As part of our 24/7/356 security coverage strategy, we provide uniformed security guards, and mobile security patrols for alarm coverage for a total of over 35 security guards.

In addition to the Douglas College campuses, we protect Douglas’s Aldergrove and Langley WorkBC Employment Services Centres, as well as their Burnaby Training Centre.

Blackbird Security provides campus security to colleges and universities in BC Ontario and across Canada

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Security guards are essential for maintaining a secure campus environment during summer break. Their proactive measures, regular patrols, and ability to respond to incidents ensure that campuses remain safe and secure, even when they are not fully occupied.

We at Blackbird Security have extensive experience protecting college and university campuses across British Columbia. In addition to Douglas College, we’ve protected campuses at UBC, Delta School District, Surrey Schools, BCNET, and the Quad residence at York. Partner with us to secure your college or university campus or residence by getting in touch with us through the form below.

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