5 Tips for Securing a Construction Site

Whether you’re working on an existing structure, building an entirely new one or working on a long term site-specific project, the construction industry can be challenging. Not only do you need to consider resources, timelines, personnel and project-specific details, but you also have to consider the vulnerability of the project as it relates to the public. Places like construction sites, industrial sites and shipping yards pose a risk not only in terms of theft and vandalism, but in terms of public safety as well. Here are 5 tips for staying secure and preventing loss or damage on the job site:

Plan Ahead

Before a project commences, take the time to create a full security plan that is comprehensive, site-specific and incorporates customized policies and procedures. Every construction project is unique and specific to the task at hand, so consider all of your variables and craft a security plan that is equally specific.

Manage Assets

What elements within your project are of greatest value to you? Of course, you’ve likely already put a system in place to manage your inventory, equipment and on-site valuables (if you haven’t - start there!), but be sure to keep these at the forefront of your mind when creating or revamping your security plan. Make note of any weak points within your current perimeter or setup, and note how close your most valuable assets are from these weak points. Ensure that assets are always kept safe with additional layers of locked and monitored security, or even consider using something like a shipping container for secure storage if needed. Be sure to identify major valuables or important areas with your security personnel so that they can closely watch when patrolling.

Invest in Lighting

Lighting can be an incredible deterrent when it comes to both theft and vandalism. It means an additional cost, but it can be very well worth it. Keeping areas lit can allude to the idea that workers may still be on-site, deterring criminals or trespassers. Lighting also makes it easier to see people in the case that someone does try to access the site at night, and allows security personnel to quickly and efficiently identify an intruder and secure the area.

Restrict Access

Depending on the nature and location of the project or site, fencing off a perimeter can be hugely beneficial. Even a simple, standard fence can act as a barrier for many common criminals or passers-by who may be interested in vandalism or loitering. Limiting the number of entry points to only one or two can also be a very effective way to control site access. Additional, more advanced measures can be taken, such as a key-card restricted access system, however something as simple as a fence and minimal points of entry can prove to be very effective. Open and accessible spaces can often attract unwanted attention, eliminating this appearance is an effective step in securing a site.

Assign Responsibility

As is the case in security planning for all types of businesses, properties and organizations, communication is vital. Construction sites can be especially tricky as there are often many people coming and going, but it’s important to be sure that all staff and site visitors are informed of security measures and know what is required of them. Assign supervisory status and keep staff at all levels involved. Utilizing a system to track who is accessing the site at any given time is also a good security tactic, and can assist security staff in managing and controlling access to the site and any valuable assets. Ensure that members of your staff team are actively engaged in security planning and keep communication channels open!

Theft of equipment and materials, or damage to a site can be a huge financial loss in the construction industry, and can also create significant timeline delays. Beyond the financial implications, a lack of security can also create a threat to public safety. Thoughtfully plan your security strategy well in advance and take as many precautions as possible. If you’re in need of a security audit, a consultation or patrol security to keep your site secure, contact us today!

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