5 Security Tips for the New Year

After the excesses of December, January offers a clean slate to set new goals and stick to them. It’s also a great time to take stock of your business’ security needs and set some goals. Business owners often ask us how they can make their businesses safer. Obviously, we recommend working with Blackbird Security! But there are some steps your average business can take to tighten up their security.

With New Year’s Resolutions in mind, here are five simple security resolutions you can make for a safer 2020 and beyond.

Start with a Security Audit

A security audit involves an outside company coming in (typically a security business) and looking at every aspect of your business to unearth potential weaknesses. They will recommend policies or processes you can put in place to tighten up your security, before ensuring your team are effectively trained in following them. Interested in booking a security audit for your business? Blackbird Security are the team to call.

Tighten up Your Logins

The passwords we use for apps and web services are a known weak point in the security chain. In order to be sure your systems aren’t compromised, turn on two-factor authentication for every online and app account your team uses. Two-factor authentication works by preventing new devices from logging into your accounts without being authorized via another means. Usually this will be an email verification link or a text message with a code to enter.

Shred/Wipe All Documents Before Disposal

We’re going a little old school with our next tip but it’s vital to make sure you aren’t discarding any potentially sensitive company information. Investing in a shredder may seem archaic but you don’t want any customer quotes, invoices or printed communications finding their way into mischievous hands. When it comes to digital data, software can be purchased inexpensively that will similarly erase data permanently.

Audit Your Vendors

While they don’t work for your business, vendors often have access to sensitive company data. If vendors have access to your business (such as cleaners, tradesmen etc) it’s vital you vet them extensively before agreeing to work with them. Start by checking online reviews, reach out to business owners who have worked with them in the past, and even a good old-fashioned Google search for the company name. If you have any doubts, trust your gut and walk away.

Watch out for Phishing Emails

No matter how good internal security protocols are, phishing remains a constant threat businesses need to be vigilant about. Phishing involves an attacker sending an email to an individual or group, misrepresenting who they are, in an attempt to gain information from them. The individual sending the phishing email will typically pose as a legitimate colleague or vendor. If you’re using a mail system like Outlook for your business, it’s good at filtering these emails into junk. If something seems off about an email you receive, avoid giving any details to the would-be phisher. Typos and poor grammar are another calling card of phishing emails.

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