5 Security Solutions For Canadian Distribution Centre Challenges

Distribution centres in Canada handle goods and products integral to keeping the product supply chain moving. From 2015 to 2020, Canada’s warehouse industry grew from a GDP of $2.5 billion to over $4 billion, a value which has continued to increase post-pandemic. With the prices of products increasing in recent years, it’s now more important than ever for businesses to invest in warehouse and distribution centre security. In this blog, we’ll discuss our top 5 security solution tips for distribution centres in Canada. 

Comprehensive Surveillance Systems Provide Protection

Every distribution centre needs a CCTV video monitoring system with cameras strategically positioned throughout the property. In addition to providing recorded evidence in the unfortunate incident of a crime, CCTV footage can be actively monitored by front desk security guards to maintain an active overview of the whole property and premises. Additionally, CCTV cameras provide an element of deterrence, as criminals are less likely to commit crimes when they know they’re being recorded. 

Access Control Measures Regulate Access

Access control measures, such as electronic keycard scanners, help regulate access within distribution centres. By restricting access to authorized personnel only within key areas, such as areas holding high-value inventory, distribution centres can minimize the risk of unauthorized individuals gaining entry. 

Uniformed Security Guards Protect Assets and Goods

The first line of defence for any business is its uniformed security guards. Uniformed security guards are essential in protecting a distribution centre’s assets and goods, providing a visual deterrent to potential criminals while proactively preventing crimes. Their presence helps deter criminal activity and provides security and safety for employees and visitors.

A distribution centre’s uniformed guards will perform key security tasks including patrols to ensure the security of perimeters and secure areas, reporting, and ensuring the transfer of goods on and off loading trucks is completed safely and securely. 

Front Desk Security Guards Monitor Visitors

Unauthorized entry is a risk faced by all distribution centres. Allowing visitors to enter facilities unchecked can lead to small and large-scale thefts of assets and goods. The best way to eliminate risks associated with unauthorized access is with a trained front desk security guard

Front desk security guards will monitor and record anyone entering and leaving the facilities, screen visitors, and verify authorized personnel credentials. A distribution centre’s front desk security guards will monitor CCTV footage throughout the premises, providing an overview of activities throughout the site.

Similar to front desk security guards are gatehouse security guards. These guards are stationed at a distribution centre’s gated vehicle entrance, verifying the identities and authorizations of any drivers who request access to the distribution centre. A manned gate is useful in maintaining a record of everyone who enters and leaves the property at large and gives distribution centres an extra set of eyes to monitor exterior spaces. 

As part of our guards' higher-level training, they undergo customer service training to equip them with the soft skills to facilitate positive customer interactions. This is especially important for front desk security guards, who will be among the first team members encountered by visitors at a distribution centre. Our security guards cohesively function as members of our clients’ teams, representing them to visitors in the best light possible.

Customized Mobile Security Monitor Distribution Centres 

Mobile security patrols are a highly flexible and customizable security option for distribution centres seeking an added layer of coverage. Mobile security guards patrol properties in marked security vehicles, allowing them to cover large areas efficiently. These guards can be scheduled to patrol during specific hours, such as outside of business hours, to provide extra protection once staff have gone home for the evening.

As part of their patrol, mobile guards will check key areas both indoor and outdoor, report any suspicious activity, and record any potential maintenance issues. Mobile guards can double as alarm response. At Blackbird Security, our 24/7 Control Centre team is ready to deploy mobile security guards where they’re needed most. Should an alarm be triggered at any time, a mobile patrol guard will be sent out to the scene promptly to assess the situation and take action as needed, including alerting local law enforcement if necessary. 

Mobile security patrols are cost-effective without compromising on quality, making them a helpful solution for distribution centres looking for overnight coverage but who may not be able to invest in an overnight static guard. 

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Implementing these 5 security solutions will help distribution centres enhance their security strategy and mitigate risks of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. While unmanned security solutions like CCTV cameras and access control systems are most frequently deployed to distribution centres, the most comprehensive security solutions are found in well-trained security personnel.

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