5 Retail Security Tips for Black Friday

Each year, the news beams out images of eager shoppers stampeding into stores to grab bargains on Black Friday. It’s an exciting and lucrative time for business owners but it also carries a threat. With stores so packed, it’s easy to fall prey to shoplifting and other security threats. In this week’s blog, we’re looking at some retail security tips for Black Friday to keep shops and shopping malls secure.

Control the Number of Shoppers

While you don’t want to dampen enthusiasm too much, it pays to limit the number of shoppers in your store at once. Keeping crowd levels manageable allows security staff to monitor any threats, staff to provide great service, and it’s even got marketing potential as potential customers see the line and want to get involved. Numbers can be monitored via the use of a clicker or on the judgement of a member of the management team.

Keep the Lineup Secure

Customers have been known to start lining up the night before in anticipation of big sales. In this excited atmosphere, squabbles can break out among shoppers. Consider having a member of your security team posted to monitor the lineup in case of any action. This will keep your shoppers safe, as well as preventing any potential for negative publicity coming your way.

Merchandise Smartly

There’s a temptation on the retail side to place high demand items near the door so eager customers can find them. Unfortunately, this means they’re also easier to steal for dedicated thieves. With high footfall at this time of year, consider placing these items behind the counter or under lock and key. Use dummy boxes instead that hold no value.

Watch out for Distraction Theft

It’s hard to believe how effective distraction thefts can be in a retail environment. Typically, a fight or loud argument will be staged to “distract” staff and security while a shoplifter slips out with expensive merchandise. An effective way to combat distraction threats is to split the store into zones, with staff instructed to remain in their zone and vigilant, no matter what is happening in another zone.

Watch out for Stockpiling

In advance of a distraction theft, shoplifters will sometimes stockpile multiple high-value items in one area for later collection. Ask staff to be vigilant for unusual piles of store stock in the wrong place. Once spotted, they can be moved back to their original place, or even used as bait in advance of a suspected theft attempt.

Here to Help

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