5 Reasons Why Your Shopping Mall Needs Retail Security & Loss Prevention Professionals For Black Friday

Black Friday remains the biggest shopping day in the US and Canada, with more shoppers than ever planning to shop in person this weekend. While online shopping is becoming more prevalent, physical stores are still seeing in-store customer volume increase year over year, with 2022 seeing a 15% increase in shoppers over 2021. In fact, Black Friday is our second-busiest day of the year at Blackbird Security after Boxing Day. 

With the volume of shoppers projected to increase for the 2023 Black Friday weekend, it’s vital to ensure the safety and security of your staff, customers, and stores. Although important every day of the year, enhanced shopping mall security is particularly crucial on Black Friday. Here are 5 reasons why retail security professionals are essential for malls on Black Friday: 

Shopping mall security on Black Friday

  1. Crowd Control

As shoppers flood into malls seeking deals, the potential for chaos reaches an all-time high. Uncontrolled crowds and disorganized line-ups can result in surges and a frightening phenomenon called crowd crush. 

Crowd crushes occur when people are funnelled into a small area that becomes dangerously overcrowded. When a group reaches a density of 4-5 people per square meter, the pressure from surrounding bodies can cause asphyxiation. This is most common on Black Friday when shoppers rush to the back of stores to pick up high-value sale items, such as electronics, or when individuals disregard line-ups and attempt to push to the front, causing a cascade effect of other shoppers following suit. 

Security guards maintain order by ensuring that customers remain in orderly lines, using their authority to guide shoppers, prevent disruption, and eliminate the risk of crowd crush. The presence of security guards ensures order, and skilled guards will use their skills in communication and de-escalation to ensure a safe and smooth shopping experience for customers.

  1. Loss Prevention

Retail thefts on Black Friday are an average of 2% higher than any other day of the year. With the influx of shoppers brought in by Black Friday sales, the risk of theft and shoplifting surges. An effective loss prevention strategy carried out by a professional security team is paramount in safeguarding businesses and limiting shrinkage. 

Uniformed security guards act as a deterrent, patrolling aisles and monitoring surveillance to identify and address suspicious behaviour. The vigilance of security guards helps minimize thefts, protect merchandise and preserve profit margins for retailers. Guards who are well-trained in risk management can help business owners develop and implement preventative security measures, a crucial strategy for Black Friday.

  1. Conflict Resolution

In addition to protecting physical safety and merchandise loss, security guards stand as mediators during Black Friday. With tensions amplified and excitement heightened among shoppers, disputes over merchandise or conflicts with staff become more likely. Security guards, equipped with communication expertise, swiftly address disputes, de-escalate tense situations, and preserve a peaceful shopping experience. 

A skilled security guard will be able to navigate conflicts calmly and assertively, preventing disruptions and fostering a sense of safety among shoppers. At Blackbird Security, our guards are trained in conflict resolution and bring a friendly customer service approach to security. 

Shopping mall security on Black Friday

  1. Emergency Preparedness

During the frenzy of Black Friday shopping, security guards serve as indispensable assets for emergency preparedness. The sheer volume of shoppers amplifies the potential for unforeseen incidents, ranging from medical emergencies to accidents. Security guards trained in emergency response protocols play an integral role in facilitating swift evacuations and performing first-aid.

In the case of an emergency, security guards play a critical role in maintaining crowd composure while guiding shoppers and staff to safety. When choosing a security company to protect your mall on Black Friday, choose one with security staff comprehensively trained in emergency response and preparedness.

  1. Customer Experience

Without a security guard present to maintain order on Black Friday, shopping experiences can turn from exciting to unnecessarily stressful. Beyond safety concerns, your mall’s team of security guards contributes significantly to enhancing the overall Black Friday customer experience. Their presence creates a secure atmosphere, reassuring shoppers and maintaining a positive environment for staff and customers. 

Not only are security guards an essential component of business security, but they can also act as support for staff. At Blackbird Security, our guards strive to be an extension of the businesses they serve, promoting a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. In addition to excellent customer service skills, our guards undergo extensive training in cultural sensitivity and carry the skills necessary to navigate complex interpersonal situations.

Shopping mall security on Black Friday

Enhance Your Mall Security With Blackbird Security

Having a team of security professionals is essential to providing a safe and comfortable shopping experience year-round, especially on Black Friday. With a dedicated professional security team, your shoppers, staff, and stores are safe and protected. Minimize loss and maximize safety with our team of professional retail security guards

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