5 Reasons to Invest in Toronto Front Desk Security

Modern life moves quickly. If you’re a building or office manager, you know that commercial and residential buildings require round-the-clock attention. A Toronto Front Desk Security Guard can provide this level of care. In addition to their security services, having a concierge security guard at your front desk ensures a warm, welcoming and reassuring welcome for those who use the building.

Concierge Security in Toronto

Toronto concierge security guards are highly trained staff who combine two services – security and concierge. Alongside their attention to the needs of residents or visitors, they are responsible for maintaining the safety of the building and the area surrounding it. They’re experts in CCTV monitoring, report writing, and enforcing building policies.

Why Choose Blackbird’s Toronto Concierge Security Guards?

At Blackbird Security, we believe concierge security guards are some of the most flexible and dependable solutions to our clients’ security needs. To achieve their level of performance and dependability, they receive special training to equip them to meet any scenario. Our Toronto front desk security team have several unique characteristics:

Locally Based & Experienced

We understand the importance of hiring locally based guards. They bring a level of expertise and knowledge that’s impossible to train. Each of our concierge team at Blackbird is a highly experienced security guard that understands the unique risks and characteristics of their setting, and how to react efficiently to solve any issues. They excel in providing customer service, and boast years of experience in managing building operations.

Security Licensed

Every Blackbird Toronto concierge has a security license as the bare minimum for their training. This certification gives them the authority to take the necessary action against trespassers, vandals and other criminal behaviour. Their training equips them to handle dangerous scenarios, and they know instinctively when to call for backup, and when emergency services might be necessary.

Blackbird Academy

Through our industry leading and pioneering training school, Blackbird Academy, our concierge security guards receive specialized training for their duties. Most interactions a concierge has during their day-to-day roles are not security-oriented. Instead, they’re providing frontline customer service, handling enquiries and assisting the public as necessary. That’s why we equip them with the tools and skills they need to enjoy a successful career in the security field. Dedicated modules include customer service training, conflict de-escalation, occupational first aid, and much more.

Save Time and Money

Residents and visitors in your space demand a level of care and attention someone has to provide. Without an investment in Toronto front desk staff, this responsibility will fall to team members. This is problematic for several reasons. They’re already busy with their own roles and responsibilities, and they likely don’t have a background in security. A dedicated security concierge from Blackbird Security solves this problem, establishing a firm but friendly security buffer at the front of house.

Available 24/7 to Support You

Concierge security is a round-the-clock service that’s available when and where it’s needed. In commercial buildings, concierges embark on night-time patrols when things are quiet, watching out for criminal activity and acting as a visible deterrent to crime. In a residential setting, residents can feel comfortable knowing a concierge is there to support them in the event of an emergency, or those micro-emergencies such as a plumbing or electrical issue.

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