5 Benefits of Mobile Patrol Security In Vancouver

Mobile patrol security is an effective and flexible way for businesses to take control of their security strategies. In January 2024 alone, Vancouver saw 211 incidents of breaking-and-entering, 821 thefts, and 491 thefts from automobiles across all of its neighbourhoods. The most affected neighbourhoods tended to have high numbers of businesses, condominiums, and establishments, such as the Central Business District.

While crime is starting to decline from 2020’s highs, the rising costs of living, production, and staffing mean that every criminal incident may cause serious damage to businesses. Mobile patrol security offers a versatile and effective solution to safeguarding properties and ensuring peace of mind for residents and businesses. In this blog, we'll explore 5 key benefits of mobile patrol security in Vancouver.
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What is Mobile Security?

Mobile security is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to increase their security coverage. Mobile patrols involve a security guard patrolling sites in a marked security vehicle on a set schedule. Patrols can be scheduled during specific times, such as outside of business hours, allowing for a high degree of customization.

Mobile security guards monitor sites and record reports throughout patrols. Typically, a mobile security guard will patrol a property’s perimeter, patrol underground parking areas, and check the security of access points throughout their patrol. Should any maintenance issues, safety hazards, or security concerns arise, the mobile guard will record the incident and act accordingly to minimize security risks if necessary.

In addition to reporting and responding to observed security issues, mobile security guards provide an element of deterrence against potential criminals. Patrols can be scheduled on a randomized basis, preventing criminals from planning times to commit theft or vandalism. This is highly beneficial in proactively preventing property crimes.

1. Mobile Security Protects Property

One of the primary benefits of mobile patrol security is its ability to cover a wide amount of ground in a single patrol. Mobile security guards can make rounds of school or campus property, warehouse lots, large hotel spaces, and residential parkades much more efficiently than a static uniformed guard.

The presence of a mobile security guard serves to visually deter potential criminals, reducing the likelihood of security breaches and unauthorized property access. Upon discovery of any trespassers, vagrancy, or vandalism, mobile security guards are equipped with the training needed to effectively and peacefully remove individuals from the premises.

2. Mobile Security Guards Keep Inventory Safe

Vancouver retail business owners know the importance of protecting inventory and maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for customers. Scheduling mobile patrols during overnight hours effectively safeguards retail property when staff members are absent. This is particularly beneficial for businesses located in areas where crime and vandalism are prevalent, such as the downtown core.
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3. Mobile Patrols Offer Increased Security For Hotel Guests

Security and safety are frequently top concerns of hotel guests around the world, and Vancouver is no different. Mobile security is an effective way to provide guests with a safe and secure environment. Mobile security guards conduct patrols of hotel premises, including parking lots, exteriors, and lobbies. Their presence enhances security, contributing to a positive guest experience.

Mobile patrol guards can respond promptly to security incidents, including triggered alarms, ensuring that any issues are addressed swiftly and efficiently. Should an alarm sound overnight, mobile security guards trained in evacuation procedures can assist overnight hotel staff teams.

4. Mobile Security Provides Residential Property Safety

Mobile patrols are an effective security solution for residential buildings that may need additional security coverage, but which don’t have the need, space, or budget for a full-time overnight static security guard. In these cases, residential buildings in Vancouver, such as condominiums, benefit from mobile patrol security to provide an added layer of resident safety and security.

Mobile security guards patrol residential areas, monitor access points, and keep a watchful eye on potential security threats. Their presence helps deter criminal activity, including burglaries, vandalism, and trespassing, providing residents with peace of mind knowing that their homes are protected.

5. Mobile Security Keeps Warehouses Secure

Warehouses and distribution centers in Vancouver use mobile patrol security to safeguard their facilities and inventory, minimize disruptions to operations and ensure the safety of assets. Mobile security guards conduct regular patrols of warehouse premises, inspecting perimeter fences, entry points, and storage areas for signs of suspicious activity. This proactively prevents theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access within facilities. Additionally, mobile patrols can respond swiftly to alarms or security breaches, mitigating risks and addressing security incidents promptly.
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The uniquely customizable and flexible nature of mobile security makes it a highly effective, yet cost-efficient, solution. Mobile security patrols offer a range of benefits for retailers, residences, and hospitality businesses in Vancouver, protecting against security threats and peace of mind for property owners, residents, and guests. By leveraging mobile security, businesses and communities can experience increased protection, reduced risks, and enhanced peace of mind.

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