4 Winter Security Tips for Business

Winter has arrived, delivering a uniquely challenging set of circumstances for Canadian businesses. The nights are getting longer, there’s less footfall due to COVID-19, and crime is on the rise. Don’t fall prey to crime this winter. Here are four easy to implement winter security tips for businesses.

Lighting Prevents Crime

Here in Canada, this time of year means diminishing sunlight hours and lots of darkness. We know criminals love to operate in the dark, with most crimes occurring as crimes of opportunity. Cut this threat out by improving the lighting around your property. Be sure to have the perimeter as well as all entrances and exits well lit. This adheres to the idea of crime prevention by environmental design. It removes common situations, such as poor lighting, where break-ins and other crimes typically occur.

Carry Out a Security Audit

With reduced footfall and less staff on site, now is the perfect opportunity to carry out a security audit. At Blackbird Security, we can come to your property and have our expert team identify any weak links in your security plan. We’ll devise optimal placement for CCTV monitoring and make other recommendations to improve your security outlook. At the end, we’ll deliver a detailed report with our findings. Want to know more? Contact Us.

Be COVID Aware

Over recent months, we’ve been advised to stay home and do our part in restricting the spread of COVID-19. Criminals receive these same updates and they know many offices and workplaces are currently sitting empty. Don’t fall prey to this risk. Remove all valuables such as laptop and work equipment to a central, secure location. Ensure this area is near the centre of your property and not easily reached in a “smash and grab” type criminal attack. Manage access to this central location so only a few trusted staff members can access.

Invest in Private Security

If your property is sitting empty, have you considered private security as protection? At Blackbird Security, we offer a variety of services to businesses and property managers looking to keep vacant property safe. Our Mobile Patrol Security Service is particularly effective, offering randomized patrols along pre-determined routes. This presence highlights the property is being watched and will deter any opportunistic criminals. Our patrols utilize the latest in GPS tracking to provide real-time reports to our clients, allowing them to check in on the security of their property from anywhere on earth.

Let Blackbird Security Help

Want to know how Blackbird Security can work for your business? Blackbird Security are Western Canada’s fastest growing security business. Contact us and we will be happy to chat.

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