4 Things to Know about Mall Security

On first glance, you might assume that Shopping Mall Security consists of a few guards wandering around a mall or stationed in stores, responding to situations as they arise. But there’s actually much more that goes into effective security measures for shopping centres. It's critical to understand just how flexible the undertakings of a Mall Security guard can be, and all they do to keep stores, staff, and the public safe. 

Building on years of experience, Blackbird Security has gained a keen understanding of the expectations and desired attributes retailers and shopping mall stakeholders have for security staff, as well as the flexibility needed to truly succeed in these roles. So in today’s blog, we’ll speak to four things you may not have known about mall security, and how these critical roles make busy hubs of retail activity safer. 

1. Mall security guards do much more than just observe and report

Mall Security Guards are essential for keeping public spaces like shopping centres safe – and they do so by going above and beyond the call to pay attention and report on their surroundings. From stopping retail theft through loss prevention initiatives and conducting crowd control, to liasoning with different stores, stakeholders, the public, and local police in order to respond to situational cues, Mall Security Guards are there to ensure all operations run smoothly. Across every interaction, their customer-oriented approach works to defuse and deter threats – whether they happen within the mall, inside of individual stores, or outside in exposed areas like car parks

2. There are different types of mall security guards

Often when people think of mall security, they conjure up ideas of Uniformed Patrol guards doing laps, observing the events in each corridor. But much in the way Mall Security guards do a lot more than just report on their surroundings, there are many different kinds of Mall Security positions. For example, Mall Security can entail specialized roles such as Concierge Services, Mobile Patrol, CCTV Surveillance, and in some cases, Elite Suit and Tie Security. 

 Concierge Mall Security are there to assist with customer service questions and general inquiries, as well as arrange special accommodations for guests when necessary. They’re also in a great position to liaise and coordinate with all other Mall Security guards, keep an eye on CCTV footage, and monitor operational procedures. Mobile patrol can help maintain order in mall parking lots, as well as respond quickly to any emergencies that arise. Guards who conduct CCTV Surveillance are also incredibly effective at monitoring large spaces and communicating quickly with other security personnel. Finally, Elite Suit and Tie may be stationed at specialty retailers who are looking for the perfect blend of polished customer service and loss prevention.

3. Mall security hours are flexible and available 24/7

As most Mall Security professionals know, there are no 9-5s in this business. While Mall Security guards should always be present whenever shoppers are inside, after-hours patrols are often necessary when it comes to keeping store staff, customers, and the public safe from crime and property theft. What’s more, shopping destinations may need added protection when it comes to historically busy periods for retail activities, such as Black Friday, Back-To-School, and Holiday shopping. 

Blackbird Security offers 100% customizable and flexible security plans, so you can have the security staff you need on-hand to handle any situation. We’ll conduct a Risk Assessment ahead of time detailing which areas are most vulnerable to various security threats, and work with you to plan out the location of your security services so you can start and end each day with full confidence. Our Patrol Security team can be deployed exclusively to respond to alarms and other specific triggers at your property, and dedicated on-call employees can step in to bulk up the security presence when needed. 

4. Technology is a Key Tool for Mall Security

In our modern era, technology has the ability to provide more security coverage than ever before, which is why Blackbird’s Mall Security experts utilize it. One way this takes form is through CCTV monitoring and surveillance. In addition to Uniformed Patrols, CCTV Surveillance Specialists are able to monitor, detect, and deploy appropriate measures for conflict resolution should any threats arise on a mall's closed circuit television systems.

TrackTik is another technological offering that can be used to a Mall Security guard’s advantage. The platform collates, stores and communicates data from all mobile patrol operations, helping to coordinate security measures and collect evidence. TrackTik's GPS can also be used to establish pre-determined patrol routes with maximum efficiency.   

Partner with Blackbird for Your Mall Security Needs 

Blackbird Security is Canada’s fastest growing security company. Having worked alongside the likes of Best Buy, MEC, and more, we know that no two retail stores or shopping malls are alike, and each needs a security solution tailored to its unique needs. If you’re looking to partner with us for Mall Security or Retail Security, we’d love to get in touch! Contact Us today, and we’ll be happy to design a Mall Security plan that works for you. 

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