4 Common Warehouse Security Issues And How To Fix Them

Warehouse theft is a common issue faced by warehouse owners across Canada, particularly in major regions such as Toronto, Greater Vancouver, and Regina. Warehouse security breaches can result in costly supply chain delays, compromised security, and theft. 

According to the National Retail Federation, 40% of victims of cargo theft reported thefts occurring at their distribution centres or warehouses. This statistic highlights the value of robust warehouse security and the incidents that may arise if security issues go unaddressed. 

To reduce the chances of theft and improve your warehouse’s overall security strategy, warehouse owners should be aware of common security issues and the best ways to combat them. In this blog, we’ll discuss four warehouse security problems and our top solutions for prevention. 

Blackbird Security provides warehouse security services to warehouses, distribution centres, and cargo companies across Canada

1. Unauthorized Access Reduces Overall Warehouse Security

When a warehouse’s access security is neglected, potential criminals, thieves, and trespassers may find an easy way into the facilities. This issue can be solved by ensuring that all access points are secured by working locks and that open docking bay doors are manned by uniformed security guards. 

If your warehouse has a front desk, a concierge security guard should be stationed there to check in visitors, verify identification, and monitor CCTV cameras around the premises. Concierge security guards can provide a warm welcome to any visitors while keeping a watchful eye on the primary entrance to your warehouse. 

Poor lighting can contribute to unauthorized access incidents, as well as inhibit the operation of CCTV cameras. Be sure that all areas of your facilities are equipped with adequate lighting. 

Blackbird Security provides warehouse security services to warehouses, distribution centres, and cargo companies across Canada

2. Lack of Perimeter Security Can Lead to Warehouse Security Breaches

Insufficient fencing, barriers, and monitoring of the warehouse perimeter can make it easier for unauthorized individuals to gain access to your warehouse facility. Check that all of your gates are secure around the entirety of the premises and that access points are equipped with working alarms. Consider implementing a gate station with a uniformed security guard present to check the identification of any vehicles and visitors who may visit the warehouse.

Every warehouse needs to have an adequate CCTV camera system. CCTV is instrumental in maintaining eyes across all areas of your warehouse, including its perimeter. In the event of a security incident, your security team will be able to provide CCTV evidence to law enforcement. 

3. Inadequate Security Policies and Strategies Put Warehouse Security at Risk

A lack of clear and comprehensive security policies and procedures can result in confusion and gaps in security practices, making it easier for security breaches to occur. Employees should be familiar with the proper protocols for maintaining a secure environment. These protocols should include reporting suspicious activity, keeping secure areas and access points locked, utilizing ID badges, securing equipment, and emergency response procedures. 

Weak access control measures can lead to unauthorized individuals entering restricted areas. Equip employees with key cards, passcodes, or other access control systems, and educate them on policies around sharing access control keys. Your security guard team can help manage secure access control throughout your facility by maintaining records of access and performing keyholding duties.

4. Over Reliance On A Single Warehouse Security Measure Can Cause Security Breakdowns

Relying too heavily on a single security measure without a multifaceted approach can leave your warehouse vulnerable. Depending on reactive unmanned security systems such as alarms or CCTV cameras can lead to increased security incidents. Your security strategy should ideally include proactive measures such as on-site security staff, access point protocols, and regular inspections of all gates, fencing, access points, and even truck cargo. 

Blackbird security gatehouse guards can not only provide access control for delivery vehicles but also carry out regular inspection & truck checks to ensure your assets are secure and transported properly. 

One more simple, cost-effective way to elevate your security strategy is through mobile security patrols. These specialized patrols involve a security guard patrolling warehouse premises and perimeters in a marked security vehicle. Mobile patrols can be scheduled for any time of day, which can add a valuable layer of security to your warehouse outside of business hours. 

Mobile patrols are conducted on a randomized schedule within a designated window of time, helping to deter potential criminals and prevent them from finding an opportunity to commit a theft. Mobile patrol guards will conduct site surveillance and check specified areas according to each individual warehouse’s security needs. 

This presents a cost-effective alternative to on-site overnight uniformed guards, without compromising on quality of service or effectiveness. In the event of a triggered alarm, our 24/7 Control Centre team is on hand to dispatch a mobile security patrol guard to your warehouse. 

Blackbird Security provides warehouse security services to warehouses, distribution centres, and cargo companies across Canada

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Ensuring your warehouse’s approach to security is comprehensive while utilizing every security tool at your disposal is vital in protecting your warehouse’s assets. By implementing the recommendations we’ve shared in this blog, from alarm systems, to lighting, to front desk security guards, to uniformed and mobile patrol guards, you can keep your warehouse completely secure.

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