3 Security Options You Didn’t Know You Had

At some point, almost all business owners have to grapple with the decision of what security measures to implement in their store, what type of team to hire, and what kind of security option suits the business best. It varies - for big production warehouses and worksites, undercover guards may be the best way to protect against dangers from external thieves as well as employees shirking protocol. For large retail stores, however, uniformed security upgrades the atmosphere and sense of safety in your store for your guests, as well as practically protects against threats. When you’re making the decision for what security is the best for you, don’t forget to consider these underrated security options - they may just be the answer you’ve been searching for!

Elite Suit and Tie

While some businesses like drugstores or fast fashion brands benefit from the presence of uniformed guards, high-end retail requires a different approach. You can elevate the professionalism and high standards of your brand even higher by hiring elite security. Elite security means well-dressed, well-presented, and most importantly, well-trained professionals who maintain the highest standard of security service, while adding an air of class to your business. These guards are specially trained to make high-end environments comfortable and classy for all your guests. They are experienced in protecting the privacy of high profile clients, as well as acting as first responders in all scenarios. With a courteous manner and customer service training, elite staff are the best way to wrap your luxury retail experience up with a bow.

Patrol Security

Unsure if you can invest in a full security team for your business, but concerned about its safety? Just like there are options for high-end retail, there are also options for small businesses starting out. Patrol guards are a fantastic first step with securing your store. Rather than a full team, patrol guards move through your site on foot or vehicle patrols, ensuring that their presence is a strong deterrent to theft, vandalism, and other threats. These guards are skilled at identifying threats and de-escalating situations. We know that small businesses can feel intimidated by bigger security options like a full-time dedicated officer- that’s why patrol security is a fantastic gateway into keeping your business safe while staying on budget.

Residential and Commercial Concierge Services

Did you know that concierge professionals can provide first aid assistance and act as fire marshals in the case of an emergency? There’s a huge perk to hiring specialized professionals like concierge guards for your residential or commercial property. This security option is a great way of keeping your guests safe and keeping your building orderly. From de-escalating conflict, to handling noise complaints, regulating entries into the building, and helping with move-in and move-outs, concierge is a popular option because these guards offer versatile and specialized services to protect your building. You can have peace of mind knowing that trained guards are monitoring your security cameras, engaging with your residents or guests, and implementing your building policies seamlessly.

Not sure these options resonate with what your business is looking for? There are plenty of security options available for you to pick the one that best serves your needs. You can check them out at our services page.

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