3 Reasons for Grocery Store Security

The fall season is well on its way, and somehow October is already just around the corner. There’s a lot to look forward to in the fall, not least of which is the Thanksgiving long weekend! For many people it’s a favourite annual holiday, often a time to spend with family or loved ones. It’s also a weekend that often involves a lot of cooking, preparing and, of course, eating good food. This may not seem like a weekend that requires security, but there are a few business types that can suffer from very considerable loss, especially on busy holiday weekends. Here are three reasons for grocery store security:

Control Crowds

Anyone who has forgotten a key ingredient on the eve of a statutory holiday can attest to the fact that supermarkets and grocery stores get incredibly crowded - chaotic, even - during holidays and long weekends. There are few things worse than an uncontrolled crowd.  As lineups get longer and the pickings get slimmer, patience tends to wear thin. It’s not out of the ordinary for a minor argument, a moment of confusion or a disagreement over the final butterball to escalate. Having security on hand to de-escalate and restore order makes all the difference in a busy supermarket or grocery store. 

Apprehend Shoplifters 

Shoplifting is a major problem for many retailers. Grocery stores in specific experience a high degree of loss due to shoplifting. Although grocery stores often have security cameras in place, it can be more challenging to implement theft prevention, as the methods that most retailers utilize don’t work. Product tags and alarm systems, for example, can not typically be used on food products. Security guards are highly trained in spotting, stopping and anticipating shoplifters. If a store is experiencing break ins overnight, patrol guards can also be instrumental in stopping these instances of theft. On-site security guards can drastically reduce loss and, over time, will help to set a precedent of no tolerance when it comes to shoplifting.  

Elevate Professionalism 

Security guards give any business an increased sense of professionalism. Not only do guards demonstrate that a business is serious and will not tolerate shoplifting, but they also contribute to crisis response and customer service. Security guards are trained to manage crisis situations and can assist customers when needed, either providing information or directing them to a staff member who can be of assistance. Having guards on site is a great way to increase security and safety, and to increase overall professionalism within daily operations.

If your grocery store has suffered from loss, break ins or on-site disputes that are challenging to manage, then consider hiring security guards or undertaking a security audit. Anticipate your busiest times - like the Thanksgiving weekend - and plan ahead accordingly. You may only need security for a few busy weekends each year, but having the extra support can make a world of difference. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about how your supermarket could benefit from security services! We’re now providing service to businesses all across BC and Alberta.

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