2 Types of Security You Probably Haven't Considered

Recently we’ve been working through the process of determining what type of security team to hire, specific to the many different business types, sizes and styles. There are varying options, and what’s right for one business or company may not be right for another. There are many factors to consider, from physical property and assets to staff members and customers. It’s important when it comes time to make a decision about security planning and security services, that you know exactly what is out there and what will be best for you or your business. This week we’re highlighting a few more security options that you may not be aware of, but that might be just what you need!

Executive Protection

Executive Protection is a unique, specified and highly effective form of security that is often overlooked when businesses or companies are seeking out security services. The benefit of an executive protection plan is that it’s always tailor-made, meaning that the actual plan is very directly linked to any specific risks that your leadership team, CEO, or any other high-profile individuals within your company face.

Like most good security plans, an Executive Protection plan starts with a full and comprehensive risk assessment. Specialized security professionals will analyze factors such as routines, lifestyles, and frequently visited locations to pinpoint any threats or vulnerabilities. Once a plan is created, bodyguards are discreetly and effectively placed to protect the individual, group of individuals, or family in need of protection. These bodyguards are highly skilled in a wide range of security services, including things like emergency response. If you have a person, family or business in need of a little more than just a general security plan, Executive Protection could be just the thing.

Private Investigation

Sometimes an issue arises and you just don’t have quite enough information to work from in order to best handle the scenario. After your own basic investigation has been explored, you may still be in need. Hiring a Private Investigator may seem like a dramatic step, but it can be incredibly helpful and impactful, and doesn’t necessarily involve the drama or intensity that can often be associated with a Private Investigation. You may be experiencing a financial scam or identity theft, or you may even come across a person or business with credentials that don’t seem legitimate. A Private Investigator can assist with any of these issues.

A Private Investigation can also be very useful for screening any individuals who may have access to, or an impact on your business. Private Investigation can include a full undertaking of background checks on potential employees, business partners, or companies that you affiliate with or may wish to affiliate with in the future. An investigator will ensure that all claims and credentials are accurate and factual, they will screen for any pertinent facts that have not been presented, and can even take covert video footage. Whether a small or significant issue, consider Private Investigation when you come across a problem that you’re not completely equipped to deal with!

If you’re not quite sure whether or not one of these options is exactly what your business needs, get in touch so that we can discuss your needs and work towards a unique solution.

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