How Security Guards Control Crowds

Maintaining crowd control is a vital element of a security guard’s duties, particularly when it comes to event security, though retail security guards also need to manage crowds during busy sale days such as Black Friday. Crowd control is more than just managing large groups of people. It involves proactive measures to prevent incidents, respond to emergencies, and maintain a safe environment for everyone.

In this blog, we’ll detail the strategies event security guards use to manage crowds and the proactive measures they take to ensure safety for all.

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Why is Crowd Control Important?

Uncontrolled crowds can quickly become dangerous. When crowds surge forward, a phenomenon called crowd crush occurs. This can result in trampling, or in extreme scenarios, upright asphyxiation. The infamous Travis Scott Astroworld incident that occurred in 2021 tragically resulted in the deaths of 10 concert attendees due to crowd crush. This incident raised public awareness about the dangers of uncontrolled crowds and resulted in venues becoming increasingly aware of the importance of effective event security.

How Security Guards Control Crowds

In this section, we’ll outline the steps security guards take to protect crowds and ensure safety during events.

1. Pre-Event Planning and Preparation

Proactively preventing crowds from becoming uncontrollable is the best way to manage crowds, which makes preparation the most critical step in crowd control.

Before the event, security guards work closely with event organizers to develop a comprehensive crowd control plan. This includes assessing potential risks, defining entry and exit points, establishing designated areas for movement, and determining the number of security personnel needed based on the number of expected attendees and venue size. Security guards must also determine areas for extended lineups to form while avoiding emergency exit blockages and adhering to fire safety protocols.

Additionally, security guards and event staff will be briefed on action plans should a variety of emergencies occur. These include how to respond to medical emergencies and transport injured individuals out of the building, evacuations in case of a fire, and a backup plan in case a crowd becomes uncontrollable.

2. Visibility and Monitoring

The presence of uniformed security guards acts as a deterrent and reassures attendees of their safety. Security guards positioned strategically at entry points, crowd hotspots, along lineups, and around perimeters help manage crowd flow, enforce rules, and quickly respond to any disturbances. Continuous monitoring allows security guards to intervene quickly should they spot early signs of unrest or suspicious behaviour.

Just as crowds can become dangerous if they surge forward, they can also become dangerous if conflict breaks out between individuals within the crowd. Blackbird Security guards receive training in peaceful de-escalation techniques as well as customer service, equipping them with tools and knowledge to effectively respond to disputes within the crowd.

Blackbird Security provides event security in Vancouver Toronto Edmonton Calgary and across Canada

3. Access Control and Screening

Particularly in the case of events, maintaining strict access control is essential in preventing unauthorized entry and ensuring the safety of attendees. Event venues typically have a maximum capacity, which allows a building or property to adhere to fire safety codes. Unauthorized entrants jeopardize safety by pushing the number of attendees towards or over maximum capacity. This means it’s critical for events to have comprehensive perimeter security coverage, such as fencing and perimeter guards, to mitigate individuals circumventing the ticket-checking process.

As part of the ticket-checking process, event security guards will perform bag checks to ensure no weapons or unauthorized items enter the venue. Read more about how security guards perform bag checks in our recent blog, How Security Guards Perform Bag Checks At Events and Warehouses.

4. Effective Communication

Clear and effective communication is a highly important element of crowd control situations. Security guards use verbal commands and announcements to convey instructions to guests and fellow staff members. They will additionally communicate safety procedures and provide guidance on navigating the venue to attendees. As part of Blackbird Security’s customer service training, event security guards learn effective methods of clear and concise communication.

5. Response to Emergencies

In the event of emergencies such as medical incidents, fights, or evacuations, security guards are trained to act swiftly and carry out pre-planned emergency protocols. Blackbird Security guards receive first-aid training through Blackbird Academy which can be critical in supporting injured individuals before paramedics arrive on the scene.

The Importance of Professional Training

When it comes to handling potentially unsafe situations, having a team of security guards educated in advanced security knowledge can be the difference between a smooth event and a dangerous one. Blackbird Security guards undergo extensive additional training, equipping them to handle a wide variety of scenarios from conflict resolution, to assisting customers, to providing emergency first aid.

Our security guards learn through in-house programs at Blackbird Academy in partnership with accredited institutions such as CG Tactical and the Justice Institute of BC. Read more about the advanced training our security guards receive in our previous blog, How Blackbird Security Provides The Best Security In Canada Through Training.

To read up on some of Blackbird Security’s previous event security experience, check out our blog on the recent Bryson Tiller & Kid Laroi concerts in Vancouver.

Blackbird Security provides event security in Vancouver Toronto Edmonton Calgary and across Canada

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Security guards play a pivotal role in maintaining order, ensuring safety, and enhancing the overall experience at events, venues, and public spaces through effective crowd control strategies. By proactively planning and leveraging their expertise, security guards create a secure environment where attendees can enjoy themselves safely.

Investing in professional event security services not only protects attendees, performers, and assets but also upholds the reputation and success of events and venues. At Blackbird Security, we have extensive experience in securing high-profile event venues throughout major Canadian cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto.

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