Industries You Would Never Guess Use Security Services

When we think of security services, certain businesses come to mind. We tend to picture a uniformed security guard stationed at the front of a retail store or a security guard making rounds at a mall. But more businesses employ security guards than you may think! 

The size and breadth of the security industry may surprise you. Between 2018 and 2022, the security guard industry in Canada saw an average year-over-year growth of 520 million US dollars. Thousands of companies, institutions, and organizations rely on security companies to provide increased safety services, including some industries you may have never guessed use security services. Read on to learn more about how these industries deploy security services in their day-to-day operations.

Elementary Schools

While security guards are typically not stationed at schools, many elementary schools work with security companies to deploy overnight mobile patrol checks. These patrols involve a security guard making 3 to 4 scheduled patrols per night in a highly visible security vehicle.

Mobile patrols ensure that a school’s grounds are secure, no break-ins or vandalism incidents have occurred, no vagrants are sleeping on school property, and that the school grounds are free of hazardous items. These checks are vital in helping to keep children and staff members safe. 

Blackbird Security provides security services to elementary schools, shelters, and government housing organizations across Canada

Community Centres, Shelters, and Government Housing

Security guards are sometimes stationed at community centres to support staff members and provide an extra layer of safety for guests. Similarly, for shelters and government housing, security guards ensure the safety of residents, assist with conflict resolution, and can help point community members in the direction of resources and other needed help. 

Hotels and Corporate Offices

While it’s common to see security guards stationed at the doors of these businesses, often the front desk staff are security guards. Security personnel can double as front desk concierge staff, supporting with customer service, checking in visitors, and assisting with administrative duties. 

Security guards additionally play a key role in staff and guest safety in the event of an emergency incident. Blackbird Security guards have been at the forefront of emergency evacuations in the past. 

Warehouses and Factories

Warehouses and factories both house valuable assets, making them common targets for thefts. Since warehouses and factories typically see a large volume of visitors each day, they can be susceptible to opportunistic criminals. Warehouses and factories often employ a variety of security guards including front-desk security guards, uniformed security guards, and mobile patrol guards who ensure the property is secure during and outside of business hours.


Embassies frequently deal with sensitive governmental information. As a result, security guards are frequently used to help keep high-profile spaces secure. In addition to security tasks such as keyholding duties, embassies often use concierge security guards to monitor CCTV footage and ensure that building rules are followed. 

Blackbird Security provides security services to embassies and government institutions in Vancouver Toronto Ottawa

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Security services have evolved beyond the traditional images we associate with them. Whether a security guard is stationed at the front desk or patrolling a secure area, security guards are often present in the background helping to contribute to public safety. Now, more organizations are seeking to provide top-tier security services for their guests, customers, and staff members. 

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