How To Choose The Best Security Company For Your Corporate Office

If your business operates out of a corporate office, you know how important it is to have professional security personnel on hand to handle and mitigate security risks. This maintains the security of the office building itself, the comfort of its occupants, and the safety of the valuable assets they work with. But how do you choose the best security company for your corporate office? In this blog, we’ll guide you through the factors to consider when choosing a corporate office security company. 

Assess Your Office Security Needs

Your office security strategy begins with an assessment of the specific needs of your building. How large is the building? How many entrances does it have? Does your building have on-site parking? Do you have a front desk? Do the businesses in your office deal in highly confidential matters or high-profile individuals? These questions will inform the security measures you need to keep your building and its occupants safe.

Choose A Security Company That Provides The Services You Need

When selecting your short list of security companies for consideration, be sure that your chosen companies provide all of the services your company needs. While each office building is unique and every business has its own set of security needs, our most common recommendations for corporate office security solutions are:

Concierge Security

A concierge security guard will be stationed at the front desk to welcome and register any visitors entering the building. Offices must keep close track of any visitors, and a security guard stationed at the front desk will be equipped to escort any potential trespassers out of the building. 

Uniformed Security

Uniformed security guards can be stationed anywhere that benefits from an on-site security presence. These locations include main entrances, access points, and any high-clearance areas that need added protection. Security guards in uniform provide an element of deterrence to potential criminals and trespassers, communicating that a building is well-protected. 

Parking Enforcement Security

If your corporate office has on-site parking, parking enforcement security guards will ensure that all parking rules are followed and that reserved spaces are free for those who require them. 

Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile security guards patrol office building property exteriors in a marked security vehicle. They perform scheduled checks to evaluate the security of key areas including access points and parking areas, and ensure that the property is free of maintenance issues, vagrants, and security issues. These patrols can be scheduled at any time of day or night, providing a cost-effective solution for overnight security. 

Alarm Monitoring

In the event of a triggered alarm, a mobile patrol security guard will be deployed to assess the situation and take action accordingly. The Blackbird Security 24/7 Control Centre Team is at our clients’ service to swiftly send the nearest mobile patrol security guard to sites in the event of a security breach or concern.

CCTV Monitoring

Office buildings must have CCTV camera footage available to provide to law enforcement in the unfortunate instance of a criminal occurrence. However, the most proactive method of using an office building’s CCTV network is to monitor footage at all times. A concierge security guard stationed at the front desk can watch live security footage in addition to monitoring the front desk. 

Choose A Security Company With National Coverage

The right security company should provide services across your country of operation. If your company opens offices outside of your local region, you don’t want to have to go through the process of searching for a second security company that meets your needs.

Security companies that offer national coverage with a boutique level of attention to detail are ideal for corporate offices. At Blackbird Security, we provide a dedicated account manager and point of contact for each of our clients, enabling a comprehensive level of care. 

Choose A Company With Extensive Training

Security companies require that their security guards be licensed to work. However, the best security companies also ensure their guards undergo extensive additional training to best equip them to handle a variety of scenarios. 

At Blackbird Security, our guards learn customer-service training, conflict de-escalation training, first aid training, and cultural sensitivity training. Our tactical security guards must take use of force training courses to enable them to safely apprehend criminals. These additional courses provide our team members with the necessary tools and skills to perform security at the most premium level. 

Read Reviews And Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials can be a great way to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of a security company. Google Reviews is a good place to start, but be wary of companies that have a 5.0 rating, as a perfect rating often indicates inauthentic reviews. Read reviews carefully and look for common trends in both positive and negative comments. 

Consider Responsiveness and Communication

When querying security companies for a quote, pay attention to their response times and the quality of communication with the point of contact. You’ll know you’re communicating with a quality security company when you receive prompt, grammatically correct responses that answer your questions concisely.

Partner With Canada’s Number One Corporate Office Security Provider

Each corporate office requires a unique security strategy and a high level of care. Our team is intimately familiar with the challenges faced by offices and will analyze your individual office to determine the best strategies to execute in safeguarding your office building. We recognize the importance of trust and reputability, and we have an extensive client base, testimonials, and Google Reviews to support our reputation. We also have exceptional customer service with our dedicated client services department and a 24/7 control centre for our clients to report incidents around the clock. 

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