How Security Companies Safeguard Canadian Retirement Homes

Retirement homes and senior living communities face unique security challenges and require added safety measures to ensure the security of residents. Management teams at senior living facilities must provide exceptional retirement home security services for the protection of their residents. In this blog, we’ll examine how security companies support retirement home safety by providing necessary support for senior residents and staff. 

Concierge Security Guards Monitor Visitors

Keeping track of visitors is highly important in retirement homes. Visitors must be checked in at the front desk, and unregistered visitors are prohibited from entering the facilities. Additionally, staff must be observant to ensure that no unregistered visitors slip past secured areas. A concierge security guard is an effective solution for providing visitor security.

Concierge security guards stationed at the front desk of retirement homes provide a warm welcome for visitors and administration services for staff. These security guards will check in any visitors who enter the facility and keep a watchful eye out for anyone who may attempt to skirt the check-in process. Additionally, concierge security guards will monitor the facility’s CCTV network to ensure full coverage of the property.

Concierge security guards are typically outfitted in a suit, vest, or the staff uniform of the retirement home. This gives them a professional and welcoming look that upholds the professionalism of the home. 

Security Guards Receive Additional Training

At Blackbird Security, concierge security guards receive additional customer service training to equip them with strategies and techniques for facilitating positive interactions with retirement home residents and visitors. All of our guards undergo additional training including cultural sensitivity training, which further enables them to manage situations with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and who may be dealing with mental health issues. This is especially important when interacting with elderly communities, who must be treated with empathy and kindness. 

Blackbird Security guards learn rigorous first aid training, including CPR training, allowing them to provide critical support for individuals suffering health emergencies before facility medical staff or emergency responders arrive on the scene. This provides an additional layer of safety and support for both staff members and retirement home residents. 

Our security guards take a customer service and peaceful de-escalation approach to security. We believe that security guards should function as extensions of the teams they work with, represent client brands in the best light possible, and stand as beacons of friendly community support. Our guards provide a safe and welcoming environment within the facilities we protect. In the event of a security incident, our guards are capable of peacefully resolving the situation in a manner that minimizes risk.

Uniformed Security Guards Minimize Risk

Uniformed security guards are typically a retirement home’s first line of defence when it comes to security. These guards can take action swiftly to prevent the escalation of dangerous situations and proactively prevent incidents by keeping a watchful eye over the property. 

Uniformed security guards are typically stationed at retirement home building entrances or on patrol around the property. If any security issues are spotted while on patrol, the uniformed security guard will immediately take action as needed and report the incident. In the event of a dangerous individual entering the facilities, a uniformed security guard will be able to safely remove them from the premises. 

Seniors in retirement homes, particularly residents facing mental health challenges including dementia and Alzheimer’s, are at risk for wandering and becoming lost. Uniformed security guards stationed at a building’s entrance and patrolling the property will watch for any residents leaving the property and gently guide them back to the facilities.

In addition to monitoring for external security threats, a retirement home’s uniformed security guard team members assist in day-to-day operations at retirement homes, such as helping escort residents to buses, assisting with resident needs, and monitoring common areas. 

Security Guards Enact Emergency Response Procedures

In the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster, fire, break-in, or triggered alarm, a retirement home’s security team will support staff during emergency response. Depending on the emergency incident, this may include swift and orderly evacuation, lockdown, or investigation and action into potential criminal activity. Having trained security staff on the premises to help during emergencies is vital in ensuring the safety of retirement home residents. 

Mobile Patrol Security Guards Provide Additional Coverage

Mobile patrols involve trained security personnel patrolling retirement home property in a marked security vehicle. They regularly perform checks at key areas such as entrances, parkades, and parking lots to ensure perimeter and access point security. 

Mobile patrols can be scheduled during any time of day or night, providing additional coverage outside of business hours when fewer retirement home staff members are present. This is an advantage for retirement homes which may not have as many security guards present during overnight hours. 

In the event of an alarm activation, the Blackbird Security 24/7 Control Centre team will be instantly alerted and respond by deploying a nearby mobile security guard. Once at the site, the mobile security guard will take steps to mitigate security risks. This ensures that retirement homes are protected by a security professional, no matter the hour.

Security Teams Perform Safety and Security Audits

Security teams regularly perform audits to ensure the safety and security of retirement home facilities. These may include maintenance of CCTV cameras, ensuring areas are well-lit, checking equipment condition, assessing the property for hazards, and reviewing safety and security protocols with staff members. Regularly performed audits minimize the potential for security incidents as well as injuries among residents. 

Partner With Blackbird Security For Canadian Retirement Home Security Services

Senior living facilities require a high level of safety and security to ensure smooth operations and resident comfort. Partnering with a security company is a great way to ensure both of these factors, as well as provide valuable peace of mind for the family members of residents. 

At Blackbird, we understand the unique security needs of retirement home facilities. As our guards receive additional training beyond that of standard licensed security guards, our team members are uniquely equipped to best support retirement home staff teams. Blackbird Security is proud to support Greystone Village Retirement in Ottawa as well as the Holy Family Hospital senior living community in Vancouver.  

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