How Do Security Guards Respond To Condominium Floods?

Floods in condominiums can be caused by anything from burst pipes to natural disasters. In 2021, Blackbird Security was involved with the evacuation efforts of Abbotsford residents during the critical flood that occurred in November. As a matter of safety, condominium security guards need to be aware of how to deal with both scenarios, including how to evacuate their condominium building if necessary safely. In this blog, we’ll cover the essential steps condo security guards must take when handling minor and major flood incidents.

1. Immediate Assessment

The first step in responding to a flood is assessment. Upon detecting signs of flooding, such as water damage, or after being alerted to flooding by a resident, condo security guards quickly assess the situation to determine the severity and potential impact. If possible, security guards should identify the source of the flood, such as heavy rain or burst pipes, and evaluate immediate risks to residents and property.

Blackbird Security condominium security guards provide flood support to condo residents

2. Alert Authorities

Promptly after the initial assessment, security guards must notify building management. Emergency services must also be contacted when necessary, such as in cases of a natural flooding disaster. In both cases, security guards should provide clear, concise, and precise information about the location and severity of the flood to ensure a swift response.

3. Evacuation Of Condominium Residents

In the case of severe flooding where only one unit is affected, security guards will assist residents in evacuating to a common space. If the flood is caused by a natural disaster, security guards will guide all residents to a designated safe zone while ensuring orderly and calm movement. Security guards will prioritize assisting vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly, children, or people with disabilities.

During evacuations, security guards must maintain clear and consistent communication with residents, providing directions calmly and clearly to reduce panic.

Blackbird Security condominium security guards provide flood support to condo residents

4. Safety Measures

After evacuation has been completed, guards will set up safety barriers and signage to restrict access to flooded areas, preventing accidents. They will also ensure that electrical systems are turned off in flooded areas to eliminate the risk of electrocution.

5. Coordinating with Emergency Services

When emergency responders arrive, security guards will provide them with access to the building and guide them to the affected area. They will also provide relevant information about vulnerable residents, hazards, and the layout of the building.

Blackbird Security condominium security guards provide flood support to condo residents

6. Flood Mitigation and Repair Support

Security guards will assist emergency responders and/or maintenance crews by providing access to entry points and maintenance rooms, and ensuring that access points remain secure to the general public while crews enter and exit the building. After crews have left, security guards will continually monitor the flood site and report any changes to building management.

After the flood incident has been resolved, condominium security guards will continue to monitor for mold growth or other maintenance issues resulting from flooding.

Blackbird Security Saving Lives: 2021 Abbotsford Flood

During the November 2021 flood that affected Abbotsford, BC, over 3,000 people and over 1,100 properties needed to be evacuated. Blackbird Security is proud to have assisted with evacuation efforts. Mayor Braun of Abbotsford acknowledged Blackbird’s role in a letter to assistance crews:

“From contractors to volunteers to community organizations and business partners who provided staff to work in our Emergency Operations Centre, the help that our City required was significant. In the face of what felt insurmountable at the time, you and your team were there to help and support us, and for that I, and everyone at the City of Abbotsford is deeply grateful.

On behalf of the Abbotsford City Council and everyone at the City of Abbotsford, thank you for going above and beyond in providing support for the City of Abbotsford when we needed it most. We would not have been able to make it through without you.”

Not only do security guards play a pivotal role in protecting property, but they are frequently the first line of defence for residents, visitors, and guests within properties when disaster strikes. Through rapid action and comprehensive emergency protocol training, security guards can save the lives of those within the properties they protect.

Types of Condominium Security Guards

There are three types of security guards are typically stationed at condominium complexes.

Uniformed security guards are typically stationed at entrances, but will also perform routine patrols of the building to ensure access point and perimeter security, as well as monitor for maintenance issues and threats. When floods occur outside of a residential unit, uniformed security guards on patrol are often the first to discover signs of flooding.

Concierge security guards are stationed at the front desk and monitor visitors, as well as CCTV cameras throughout the building. Condo residents often have a personal relationship with their building’s concierge security guard thanks to their skills in customer service. This can be a big benefit when evacuating residents and providing support during floods, as their friendly and familiar presence provides reassurance to building occupants.

Mobile security guards are scheduled to visit condominiums on a schedule to monitor for any suspicious activity or maintenance issues. Unlike static uniformed security guards, mobile security guards are not stationed at a condominium building for a full shift, making mobile security a more cost-effective service for condos that may not require a full-time security presence. In the event of a flood, fire, or any other triggered alarm, the nearest mobile security guard will be promptly deployed to the condo building in order to assess the situation and take action as needed.

Blackbird Security condominium concierge security guards

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Security guards are essential in managing and mitigating the impact of floods in condominiums. Their efforts ensure not only the protection of property but also the safety and lives of residents. By maintaining a calm and organized approach, security guards help navigate the challenging circumstances of a flood, providing reassurance and support to all affected.

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