Your 2024 Guide to Condominium Security

Condominiums have the potential to be far safer than single-family residences, provided that management invests in the right security strategies. In Canada, a property crime occurs every 3.8 seconds. This includes burglary, arson, vandalism, and unregistered guest entry. Fortunately, a robust residential security strategy greatly reduces the likelihood of criminal incidents taking place on condominium property.

By implementing thorough condominium security measures, property managers can ensure the safety of their residents and units in 2024. In this blog, we’ll discuss the ways condo security can be ensured through comprehensive security measures.

Blackbird Security helps with condominium security across Canada.

Front Desk Concierge Security

A security guard stationed at the front desk of any condominium is a benefit to residents. Concierge/front desk security guards provide a mix of hospitality and security services, interacting with residents in a friendly manner and providing a key touch point for residents and guests. Front desk security guards are essential in keeping track of visitors and ensuring that unauthorized guests are monitored and removed, if necessary.

Concierge security guards keep a close eye on CCTV systems throughout the building, ensuring that all entrances and access points are monitored closely. This is vital to ensure parkade and back alley access is secure at all times. By keeping a close eye on what’s happening on condo property, condominium security staff are often the first to respond to alarms and emergencies, facilitating swift evacuations and cooperating with emergency first responders when necessary.

As the first (and sometimes only) staff member guests and residents interact with upon entering a condo, front desk security guards must be equipped with customer service skills. At Blackbird Security, not only do our security guards undergo rigorous de-escalation and cultural sensitivity training, but they are also trained extensively in customer service to provide warm welcome and friendly interactions with everyone who enters the building.

In addition to the duties outlined above, a condo’s concierge security guard will perform the following duties:

  • Frontline security presence

  • Checking-in visitors
& vendors 
  • Upholding building rules and regulations

  • Property surveillance
  • Fire alarm response

  • Customer service for residents

  • Incident Report writing

  • Incident & building issue investigations
  • Package collection

  • Key management 
  • Protection against theft, accidents, fires
  • Moving assistance
  • Emergency first aid support 
  • Unit wellness checks 
  • Checking amenities’ status (pool, hot tub, gyms, etc) 

Blackbird Security concierge security guards help with condominium security across Canada.

Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile security involves a security guard patrolling a property or group of properties on a randomized schedule in a highly visible security vehicle. Mobile security guards can cover a larger footprint in less time than static security guards without compromising on response. The randomized schedule followed by these guards keeps potential criminals, thieves, and vandals at bay. 

Mobile security is highly customizable and can be scheduled as often or infrequently as needed. For condos that could benefit from security but don’t require an on-site guard at all times, this might look like a mobile security guard ensuring access points are secure, patrolling parking areas, and enforcing parking regulations

Condos that have a day-shift security guard but not a night-shift guard can benefit from mobile security patrolling during off-hours to ensure perimeter and access point security. A mobile security guard will respond to any alarms triggered in the building swiftly, adding an essential layer of protection to any residence without an on-duty guard. 

At Blackbird Security, our security guards use TrackTik technology to provide real-time incident reports and updates. Our clients have on-demand access to these reports, allowing them to stay up-to-date on security as it happens. Both mobile security guards and concierge security guards will provide updates via TrackTik as necessary, ensuring a full view of security at all times. 

Mobile patrols can be customized to suit the needs of any condo or group of properties. Get in touch with us to find out how Blackbird Security can deploy mobile security to your managed condominium.

Blackbird Security helps with condominium security across Canada.

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Each condo has a unique set of security needs depending on neighbourhood, size, and a host of other factors. Whether through an on-site front desk security guard or through mobile security patrols, Blackbird Security has a solution for your property. 

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