How Reporting Can Improve Your Loss Prevention & Access Control Security Strategy

Last year, 28% of businesses reported an increase in security incidents, and that number is expected to increase year over year. While security guards are integral to crime deterrence, when combined with advanced security reporting capabilities, their ability to decrease theft and vandalism improves tenfold. This is because a security strategy backed by comprehensive data is the key to preventing incidents before they happen. 

A robust reporting system is integral to the overall effectiveness of security services. In this blog, we’ll delve into the critical role reporting plays in creating proactive security plans, demonstrating the value of security services, and fostering a culture of safety.

Revealing Trends for Proactive Security Planning

Reporting isn't just about documenting incidents; it's a dynamic tool for revealing trends and patterns. By recording occurrences such as theft, vandalism, or specific activities during particular hours, security reporting contributes to the creation of proactive security and loss prevention plans.

This foresight allows businesses to implement preventative measures tailored to address specific vulnerabilities, ensuring a more secure environment for clients, staff, and assets.

For example, if reporting reveals that a certain area of your site is vandalized more frequently than others, you may want to increase your security presence by monitoring CCTV cameras for that area or adding a mobile security check to your solution. 

In a retail setting, reporting conducted by security guards can be combined with inventory reporting by staff members to create a holistic view of security and potential crime threats at your business. However, in a condominium setting, reports may be used more to monitor building deficiencies and suspicious behaviour. 

Effective reporting empowers businesses to take preventative measures based on identified trends. Whether it's adjusting security protocols, enhancing surveillance in certain areas, or implementing additional safety measures, the insights gained from reports enable security services to be proactive rather than reactive. 

Security Reporting Demonstrates Tangible Value

In addition to providing the foundation for an effective security strategy, reporting can show the real value security services bring to businesses of all kinds by illustrating crime deterrence efforts to managers and stakeholders. Reporting reveals the benefit of security in a digestible, data-driven format. 

An essential benefit of reporting is the ability to use security reports as evidence in police reports. In the event of a criminal incident, detailed reports serve as a comprehensive record, aiding in both internal assessments and the pursuit of justice with law enforcement. Reporting is an important tool in streamlining collaboration with police that provides a full view of the incident, which law enforcement can use to enrich their records and bring perpetrators to justice faster.

Customized Security Reporting and Strategy with TrackTik Technology

At Blackbird Security, we employ TrackTik technology to customize client reports and create effective prevention plans, showcasing real cost savings and data-driven decision-making to optimize your security strategy. Our reporting technology seamlessly integrates with our patrol system, linking your patrol routes and reports. 

Plus, enjoy the convenience of receiving these reports directly in your email inbox or accessing them securely via our portal, giving you the freedom to stay informed on your terms.

Choose from a diverse range of reporting options, including patrol reports, daily reports,  daily reports, monthly summaries, incident reports, patrol reports, and in-depth quarterly analytical breakdowns, among others. 

Patrol reports: Confirm access points, lockers, safes, and crates are secure after each patrol and provide insights into site activities after scheduled patrols. 

Daily reports: Capture on-site activities and view a snapshot of the guard’s presence and actions throughout the day. 

Monthly and quarterly reports: Delve into statistics, recoveries, and incidents, offering an overview of the month or quarter. 

Incident reports: Created after criminal incidents such as theft, vandalism, or altercations occur. 

Our reports can be delivered as frequently as desired, and are fully customizable to fit your business and site. Clients can access reports through our portal to see updates in real-time. 

Empowering Businesses Through Comprehensive Security Reporting

The role of security guards goes beyond a physical presence. While having a uniformed security guard stationed at your construction site, business, or residential property deters theft and vandalism, the solution to crime prevention is through a strategic, data-driven strategy coupled with comprehensive reporting.

Security reporting is available for all of our services across Canada, including:

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