How Blackbird Security Keeps Canadian Social Housing and Shelters Secure

While security guards are most often associated with businesses and properties, they also serve as critical factors in securing shelters and social housing. The extent of the role of security guards in shelters may come as a surprise. Blackbird Security guards deployed to shelters do not merely deter crime, they also provide other forms of critical support to both residents and staff members alike.

Blackbird Security guards prioritize empathy and understanding when working closely with vulnerable populations. Our guards are trained to use a range of tactics and strategies designed to facilitate positive community interactions and peacefully maintain safety. In this blog, we’ll explore how our level of service makes Blackbird Security the best security company in Canada for shelters.

The Role of Security At Shelters And Social Housing

Security guards play a vital role in maintaining peace and security at shelters and social housing. They provide an atmosphere of safety and security, helping residents feel safe. Importantly, they facilitate peaceful conflict resolution and de-escalation in situations where conflicts arise between residents or visitors, providing an essential means of support for staff members. Additionally, they control and monitor shelter and housing facility access points, verifying the identities of visitors and ensuring that only authorized individuals enter the premises, helping to maintain site security.

Security guards are trained to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies, including medical emergencies, fires, or security breaches. They are familiar with emergency procedures and protocols and can coordinate with emergency services to ensure a prompt and effective response in critical situations.

Beyond security duties, guards often serve as a point of contact for residents, offering assistance, information, and support as needed. They may help residents navigate facility rules and procedures, provide directions or guidance, and offer a reassuring presence during challenging times.

Security Guards At Social Housing and Shelters

The type of Blackbird Security guards that are most commonly stationed at shelters and social housing are tactical security guards. These guards receive advanced training and are equipped to handle precarious situations with empathy. While tactical security guards are trained in judicious use of force and apprehension when necessary, they prioritize peaceful de-escalation, which is of critical importance when interacting with members from vulnerable communities.

Uniformed security guards are another type of security guard commonly deployed to shelters. The role of these guards focuses on community safety and support, functioning as Community Safety Ambassadors within shelters and social housing communities. If a resident needs support, information, or help, a Blackbird Security uniformed security guard is present to assist and point them in the right direction.

Finally, mobile security patrols are frequently used at shelters and social housing buildings. Mobile patrols are highly beneficial for shelters and communities that require less oversight, but benefit from supplemental security services overnight to ensure access point security, assess property integrity, and monitor for signs of crime. Should an alarm be triggered at a building that utilizes mobile security patrols, the Blackbird Security 24/7 Control Centre team will deploy the nearest mobile patrol guard to assess the situation and take action. This can be crucial in ensuring safe and swift evacuations of fires, as well as minimizing harm resulting from break-ins.

Additional Training That Helps Communities In Need

Blackbird Security is proud to offer a mix of in-house training and external training with nationally recognized institutions through Blackbird Academy. Our tactical security guards receive training in skills that are essential to have when working closely with individuals experiencing hardship, mental health struggles, and addiction. Here’s a glance at the course modules taken by tactical guards at Blackbird Academy:

Crisis Intervention

We work closely with the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) to provide Crisis Intervention training to our security guards. In this course, security guards learn a variety of non-violent intervention options and tools to navigate empathetic interactions with vulnerable populations. The CPI is one of the most reputable organizations in Crisis Intervention Training, with over 42,000 Certified Instructors having trained 17 million professionals worldwide.

Peaceful De-Escalation

Blackbird Security educators developed our internal Peaceful De-Escalation training program with the Justice Institute of British Columbia. This program trains staff on how to emotionally regulate their feelings during conflicts and how best to respond to anger and conflict in others, allowing for effective situational de-escalation. Peaceful De-Escalation training is provided in collaboration with the Crisis Prevention Institute.

First Aid

Our internal First Aid training is conducted by Blackbird Security team members who are certified by the Lifeguarding Academy and have completed the course offered directly by the Lifesaving Society. First aid is a critical skill set to master when working with communities that may experience drug usage. Our guards are fully trained in Naloxone administration, providing a lifeline to individuals suffering from overdose.

Trauma-Informed Practice Training

Delivered by the Justice Institute of BC, Trauma Informed Practice teaches security guards about the impact of trauma on individuals and their behaviours, helping our guards empathize with individuals affected by traumatic experiences. This fosters relationships of understanding, connection, trustworthiness, and collaboration, all critical when working closely with vulnerable individuals.

Use of Force

While our security guards prioritize hands-off and verbal methods of de-escalation, security guards must have the skills to safely provide physical security measures in cases where safety is at risk. In our in-house Use of Force training, our guards learn safe takedown, defence, and physical de-escalation techniques. Our Use of Force training is provided in direct collaboration with instructors from CG Tactical.

Making A Difference In Canadian Shelters and Social Housing

Blackbird Security is proud to partner with the following shelters and social housing organizations in Canada:

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Security guards function as more than deterrents against crime and security threats. Rather, they serve as representatives of safety and crucial support. At Blackbird Security, we’re proud to help Canada’s most vulnerable communities and assist individuals during difficult periods in their lives. Working with individuals at shelters and social housing requires empathy, understanding, and kindness, which we’re proud to provide on a national scale.

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