Amir Anvarizadeh Wins In-Store Legend Award At Retail Secure Conference of Canada

We’re proud to announce that Blackbird Security’s Training and Development Manager, Amir Anvarizadeh, has won the 2024 In-Store Legend award from the Retail Council of Canada at the Retail Secure Conference. 

This award celebrates exceptional contributions to the retail security industry through the demonstration of dedication to safeguarding Canadian businesses. Amir has continually provided excellent leadership at Blackbird Security and led by example in customer-facing roles. His commitment to best-in-class retail security training fosters a culture of learning, teamwork, and responsibility within our company.

At Blackbird Security, we’re proud of our retail security team’s growth and excellence. From uniformed security guards, to undercover loss prevention personnel, to tactical security guards, our retail security team members provide top-quality services to our clients throughout Canada, and Amir has played a pivotal role in shaping our team. 

Career Development At Blackbird Security

We provide numerous in-house training programs through Blackbird Academy to equip our security team members with the skills and knowledge they need to safely navigate security across all industries. These courses include Customer Service Training, Basic and Advanced/Use of Force Security Training, Conflict De-Escalation Training, and Cultural Sensitivity Training. Our dedication to team knowledge sets Blackbird Security apart from competitors and adds value to our clients’ security efforts. This is the Blackbird Difference.

Amir is spearheading our in-house Use of Force - Handcuffing & Baton Certification course, available for Blackbird Security tactical, loss prevention, and condominium security guards. This course teaches candidates proper take-down techniques, subject control tactics, ground defence techniques, as well as federal and provincial legislations. 

What is Loss Prevention?

Loss prevention refers to any element of a retail security strategy that aims to reduce a business’s loss of inventory. These losses are typically related to theft, either by employees or external business visitors and customers. These efforts help protect a business’s bottom line by safeguarding inventory and cash. 

We take pride in providing the best loss prevention services in Canada through our uniformed security guards, undercover loss prevention personnel, and tactical security guards. 

About the Retail Council of Canada (RCC)

Founded in 1963, the RCC is a non-profit association representing retailers across Canada. It serves as a voice for Canadian retailers, advocating for policies and initiatives that support the growth and success of retail businesses throughout the country. The RCC provides valuable networking and education opportunities in the retail sector, helping its members navigate the challenges of the retail industry. 

Partner With Canada’s Best Retail Loss Prevention Provider

Amir’s recognition comes at a pivotal time, with Canadian retail thefts continuing to pose challenges for business owners. The Retail Council of Canada states that some members have reported a 300% increase in thefts since 2020. It’s thanks to the efforts of dedicated retail security professionals like Amir that efforts to mitigate retail security losses are successful. 

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