What’s The Difference Between Uniformed Security Guards vs Mobile Patrol Security?

Each business, building, and site faces a unique set of challenges that need to be taken into account when formulating the right security strategy. These strategies most often include choosing which security services to employ. When partnering with a security company, a business owner will likely find a wide variety of services at their disposal, from concierge security guards to parking security, and more. 

The security service that people are most familiar with is uniformed security. These guards are easily the most well-recognized type of security guard. However, mobile patrol security has quickly been gaining popularity as a flexible, cost-efficient option for business owners. In this blog, we’ll be outlining the key differences and similarities between these two types of guards to help you find the service that’s right for your business. 

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Uniformed Security Guards vs Mobile Patrols: Key Differences 

Static Presence vs Dynamic Presence

Uniformed security guards are a static presence, meaning they’re typically stationed at key locations, such as entrances, hotel lobbies, or secure areas within a facility. These guards will monitor the area for security threats and stay alert for any suspicious activity or behaviour.

As their title suggests, mobile patrol security guards are dynamic. Mobile patrol security involves security personnel conducting regular patrols in a marked security vehicle. They move between security sites in their vehicle, performing routine checks at each destination. While uniformed security is best for monitoring active locations such as storefronts or warehouses during business hours, mobile patrols are optimal for overnight checks. 

Area of Coverage

As mobile patrol guards conduct patrols in vehicles, they’re able to cover more ground in less time than a uniformed guard would be able to on foot. This makes mobile patrols optimal for sprawling sites such as warehouses or construction sites, or for owners who may require multiple sites to be visited in one day or night such as residential buildings or retail stores.

Blackbird Security provides mobile patrol security services and uniformed security guard services across Canada Vancouver Toronto Regina Edmonton


Mobile patrols are highly flexible and can be scheduled to occur whenever they’re most needed. If a site has a known time when security incidents tend to occur, mobile patrols can be scheduled during that window. Patrol schedules can be adjusted to reflect new security findings and optimized strategies. 

Uniformed security guards, on the other hand, are less flexible in their ability to be deployed during specific windows of time. 


One of the most decisive differences between uniformed security and mobile patrol security is the cost difference between the two services. As mobile patrols are highly flexible, they are less expensive than hiring a full-time uniformed security guard. 

Blackbird Security provides mobile patrol security services and uniformed security guard services across Canada Vancouver Toronto Regina Edmonton

Key Similarities

Visibility and Deterrence

Thanks to their uniform and their typically prominent station, uniformed security guards provide a visual deterrent to potential criminals. The stationary presence of a security guard communicates clearly that an establishment is well-protected and monitored.

Similar to uniformed guards, mobile patrol guards are also highly visible due to their marked security vehicles being equipped with flashing overhead lights. Vehicles on site can deter criminals from committing crimes and halt crimes in progress. 

Customer Service

At Blackbird Security, we prioritize a customer service-first approach to security across all of our security services. Our guards seamlessly meld with a business’s internal team and represent our clients in the best light possible. 

In addition to standard security duties, uniformed security guards will provide a warm welcome to customers and guests, contributing to an environment of safety and comfort. While mobile patrol guards may not have many opportunities to interact with customers, they will maintain a warm and friendly attitude when interacting with any staff members. 

Emergency Response

A uniformed guard stationed onsite will be able to respond immediately to any emerging threats and incidents. However, just because a mobile patrol guard is offsite does not mean that security threats will go unnoticed. At Blackbird Security, our 24/7 Control Centre team is present to immediately deploy a mobile patrol guard to the scene in the event of a triggered alarm. This ensures a swift and effective reaction to any situation, ensuring that your property remains secure at all times. 

Blackbird Security provides mobile patrol security services and uniformed security guard services across Canada Vancouver Toronto Regina Edmonton

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Security is not a one-size-fits-all matter for any business. Consider which security service is right for your business, your customers, and your property. You may find that you can benefit from both uniformed security guard services and mobile patrol services. 

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