Top Winter Overnight Warehouse Security Tips

With the holidays and Boxing Day quickly approaching, warehouses are amid their busiest time of year. The need for comprehensive warehouse security measures is higher than ever, and statistics agree. As reported by Marketscale, 40% of survey respondents experienced warehouse theft in 2020. 

Warehouse thefts and crime are exacerbated during winter months thanks to lower visibility and holiday vacation time leaving facilities unattended for long periods. In this blog, we’ll delve into the top ways warehouse owners can bolster their security measures during the holiday season and into the winter months. 

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Winter Challenges

Winter presents a unique set of challenges which warehouse staff and owners need to keep in mind. Shortened daylight hours present extended opportunities for thieves to infiltrate warehouses after work hours. Thieves are well aware of the busier time of year and the fact that the holidays tend to bring an influx of products kept on hand, which may tempt opportunists. Additionally, vagrancy tends to increase during winter months as a result of cold weather. 

The key to prevention lies in the awareness of these common issues, and taking steps to mitigate them through proactive security strategies. 

Install Bright Lighting & Security Signage For Increased Visibility

The lack of visibility throughout winter nights offers thieves the chance to break into warehouses. This can be mitigated through the strategic use of lighting in and around warehouse facilities. 

Bright lighting around the exterior and through the interior of facilities can help mitigate the risk of theft and unauthorized entry. Depending on location and needs, warehouses may benefit from implementing lighting that remains on throughout the night, or motion-detection lighting. Ensure that entryways and access points including loading docks and doors are all covered by strategically placed lights.

Security signage, such as signage placed on perimeter fencing or at entryways, is a strong signal to potential criminals and vagrants that a warehouse is well protected. This reduces the risk of unwanted activity or potential theft by way of deterrence. At Blackbird Security, we provide highly visible signage for our clients’ properties.

Monitor CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV cameras go hand in hand with lighting. Brightly lit areas are more viewable over CCTV, and potential thieves are likely to be deterred by the mere sight of cameras. Ensure your CCTV cameras are in working order and aimed at their designated points of interest, and consider investing in an on-site security guard who can monitor your security cameras at all times. 

Blackbird Security offers warehouse security across Canada.

Hire Uniformed Security Guards

Uniformed security guards or patrol security stationed at warehouses during overnight hours add a valuable layer of protection to warehouse facilities. On-site security guards will be able to respond instantly to any emerging security threats, alarms, or suspicious activity seen on a warehouse’s CCTV cameras. 

During routine patrols, uniformed security guards will ensure that all locks and access points are secure and that no vulnerabilities or holes in barriers such as fencing are present. Additionally, the sight of a uniformed security guard signals to potential criminals that a site is well-guarded, proactively deterring crime before it happens. 

Security guards at Blackbird Security use TrackTik technology to enable real-time reporting. By accessing the TrackTik portal, our clients can gain live updates on security as it happens on site, including images, report write-ups, and live patrol routes. This allows our clients to maintain a transparent, bird’s-eye view of the property, which can be especially useful during the holiday season when staff is on vacation. 

Invest In Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile security guard patrols are an efficient and cost-effective alternative to stationary uniformed guards. A mobile security guard patrols warehouse property in a highly visible security vehicle on a randomized schedule, which deters potential criminals and keeps them unable to conduct break-ins. 

Mobile security guards can be scheduled 24/7, ensuring your warehouse is protected at night and during off hours. This is especially useful during periods when staff members are off for the holidays, adding an extra layer to your warehouse security strategy. 

As part of their patrol routine, mobile security guards will check the security of access points, assess the site’s environment for vandalism and signs of damage, and write incident reports in case any unwanted activity is discovered. In the event of a triggered alarm, mobile security guards will be at the site promptly to assess the situation and mitigate security risks.

Blackbird Security offers warehouse security with mobile patrol security solutions across Canada.

Review Your Security Strategy

Keeping your warehouse security strategy up to date is key to preventing security incidents. Before the holidays, your security team should conduct a security audit to ensure that all access points are locked, equipment is secure, CCTV cameras and alarm systems are functional, perimeter fencing is secure, and staff are educated on current strategies. 

Partner With Canada’s Number One Warehouse Security Provider

By investing in the right security company for your business, warehouse owners can ensure the safety of their site through the winter months and beyond. Each warehouse faces a unique set of security challenges, and at Blackbird Security, we’re committed to ensuring each of our clients is equipped with the security strategy that’s right for their business.

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