How Many Times Per Day Should Security Guards Patrol My Site?

Patrols are a crucial part of a security guard’s job. Through patrols, security guards gain a comprehensive view of the site and immediately address any concerns they find, taking action as needed. Determining how often security guards should patrol your site can be a complex decision affected by multiple factors. In this blog post, we’ll explore key considerations for assessing the optimal frequency of security patrols to more effectively protect your property and assets.

How many times should a security guard patrol my site?

How Do Security Guards Make Patrols?

The key responsibilities of a security guard on patrol include scanning for trespassers and vagrants, ensuring the security of the property’s perimeter, analyzing the environment, and observing potential security threats. Security guards are trained to respond swiftly to any observed threats, including using skills of peaceful de-escalation, conflict resolution, and detailed report writing.

A security guard’s patrol route covers key areas of a site, including high-traffic and high-security areas such as lobbies or entrance areas, hallways, back entrances, store rooms, and parking garages. They will check access points and gates for security, confirm the integrity of perimeter fences, assess the status of alarm systems.

While patrolling a property, a security guard varies the route taken, introducing an element of unpredictability. This unpredictability deters potential criminals from attempting to infiltrate the premises. This dynamic approach ensures comprehensive coverage and minimizes security risks on the property.

A crucial element of security patrols is report writing. After the completion of each patrol, a security guard will write a detailed patrol report, recording the status of the property and any concerns. Blackbird Security guards use an industry-leading software called TrackTik to make these reports, which are uploaded online and instantly accessible by both clients and leadership.

Factors That Determine How Often A Security Guard Should Patrol Your Site

Each site is unique, and there are a number of factors that determine how many patrols a given site requires. Here’s an overview of elements we take into consideration when recommending a patrol schedule to our clients:

Site Characteristics

The size, layout, and specific characteristics of your site impact the frequency of security patrols required. Larger sites with multiple buildings, sprawling grounds, or high-value assets may require more frequent patrols to cover all areas adequately. Conversely, smaller sites with limited access points and lower security risks may require fewer patrols.

Level of Risk

Assessing the level of risk associated with your site is essential for determining the appropriate frequency of security patrols. High-risk sites, such as those located in high-crime areas or containing valuable assets, may require more frequent patrols to minimize potential threats and vulnerabilities. On the other hand, lower-risk sites may be able to maintain security with less frequent patrols.

Operational Hours

The operational hours of your site will have an effect on the frequency of security patrols required. Sites that are open 24/7, such as warehouses or hotels, may require round-the-clock patrols. Sites with limited operating hours, such as offices or retail stores, may only require patrols during specific times of the day or night. Sites that do not require a security presence during working hours, but need one overnight, may benefit from mobile security patrols.

Security Objectives

The first step in procuring security for your site is defining your security goals and priorities. For instance, if your primary goal is to deter trespassing, vagrancy, and vandalism, patrols during overnight hours or during weekends may be most useful. Alternatively, if your focus is on monitoring the integrity of your site’s security during busy hours, then patrols at peak business hours would be optimal.


Consider your available budget when determining the frequency of security patrols. While more frequent patrols may improve security, they also require additional resources. Balancing your optimal level of security with budgetary constraints is important for developing a security strategy that maximizes protection without overspending.

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Options For Patrol Security

Uniformed Foot Patrols

Uniformed foot patrol security guards wear recognizable uniforms and maintain a visible security presence that deters criminal activity. Their presence provides a sense of security and reassurance to residents, employees, and visitors. Uniformed security guards often serve as community safety ambassadors, interacting with community members and customers while providing friendly assistance when needed.

Tactical Foot Patrols

Tactical foot patrols are conducted by highly trained tactical security guards who specialize in advanced security tactics and techniques, such as use of force. Tactical patrols are most often required in high-risk areas, such as neighbourhoods that experience regular crime, or for sites containing high-value inventory.

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile security patrols are the most cost-efficient and flexible solution to patrol security. This variety of patrol involves a security guard patrolling in a marked security vehicle equipped with flashing overhead lights. Mobile patrols can be scheduled for any time of day or night, allowing for a high degree of flexibility for sites that only need patrols during specific hours of activity. Additionally, mobile patrols can be scheduled at random, providing a strong element of deterrence against criminals who will be unable to gauge the best time to commit a crime.

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By conducting a thorough security assessment and working with a security company to tailor patrol frequency to your specific needs, you can effectively protect your property and assets through security patrols. Whether it's continuous patrols for round-the-clock security or periodic checks during vulnerable times, a well-planned patrol strategy is essential for maintaining safety and deterring threats.

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