How Condominium Security Guards Ensure Resident Safety During Heat Waves

Heatwaves have been hitting Canada over the last few weeks. Environment Canada forecasts temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius and higher for Vancouver starting Saturday, July 7th. The primary goal of a condominium security guard is to ensure the safety of all building occupants, and this includes safety from natural disasters and extreme weather. In this blog, we’ll explore the ways condo security guards contribute to protecting building residents from the dangers brought on by high temperatures.

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The Danger of Heat Waves

The unfortunate reality of heat waves is that they can be deadly under the wrong conditions. The 2021 heat dome that hit Vancouver and Western Canada between June 25 to July 1 tragically resulted in the deaths of 619 individuals. As built-in air conditioning is still less common in Canadian condominiums than in American ones, it’s important for residents to take extra precautions against high heat.

Next, we’ll dive into how condominium security guards play a role in ensuring residents' safety within the buildings they protect and spreading awareness of upcoming heat events.

Conducting Wellness Checks For At-Risk Condominium Residents

Vulnerable people, including the elderly and people with medical conditions or disabilities, are most at risk of dehydration and overheating when heatwaves strike. It’s important to regularly check up on these individuals to ensure their continued health and comfort during stretches of high temperatures. A residential security guard may set up a plan to periodically check on specific units housing at-risk individuals throughout a day of high temperatures. This is particularly important in condo buildings that don’t have air conditioning.

Blackbird Security condo security in Canada Vancouver Toronto Edmonton Calgary Montreal

Providing Access To Cool Areas

Condominium security guards may assist residents in accessing air-conditioned common areas within the building, such as lounges or designated cooling centers. Access to these areas provides residents who may lack air conditioning in their unit, or whose air conditioning unit is out of order, with a refuge from the heat. In buildings that lack air conditioning, condominium security guards may provide residents access to cooler areas of the building, such as common rooms on the ground floor that tend to stay cooler than upper floors.

Alerting Building Management to Air Conditioning Maintenance Issues

As part of a condo security guard’s role, they will regularly conduct patrols and report any maintenance issues. If air conditioning is broken in one part of the building, the security guard will promptly alert management. This helps proactively prevent scenarios where an area of the building lacks air conditioning during peak periods of high temperatures.

Monitoring Environmental Conditions

In addition to monitoring for maintenance issues, condominium security guards will keep a close eye on the temperature and humidity levels within the building. Should they discover an area that may become dangerously hot, they’ll alert building management and work to find a solution, such as increasing ventilation. Continuous monitoring helps to prevent hotspots within the building.

Educating Residents

Security guards can post informational flyers and share tips with residents on staying safe during a heat wave. This includes reminders to stay hydrated, signs of heat-related illnesses, and encouraging residents to contact security if they need help during the heatwave. Educating residents empowers them to take proactive measures for their safety.

How Mobile Security Guards Support Condos Through Heat Waves

Condominiums that don’t require an on-site security presence may opt for mobile security patrols. These patrols are conducted at intervals throughout the day by a guard in a marked security vehicle. While on a mobile patrol, security guards will check the property for any maintenance issues, including dangerous temperatures or hotspot areas lacking ventilation. Mobile security guards can also conduct wellness checks for vulnerable building residents, providing an additional layer of safety and security.

Blackbird Condominium Security Guards Receive First-Aid Training

At Blackbird Security, all of our security guards undergo training through Blackbird Academy, in addition to the standard certification required to become a security guard. This extended education includes Standard First Aid training, provided by in-house instructors certified by the Lifeguarding Academy.

As a result of their training, Blackbird Security guards are equipped and prepared to assist residents with medical emergencies before first responders arrive. This includes on-site treatment for symptoms of heat stroke. Having well-trained security guards within your condominium building is a major asset for both building management and residents, providing peace of mind and reassurance.

Blackbird Security condo security in Canada Vancouver Toronto Edmonton Calgary Montreal

Partner With BC’s Best Condominium Security Provider

Through proactive monitoring and assistance, condominium security guards can help keep building residents safe from hot weather risks. With BC’s high-temperature summers predicted to worsen in intensity over time, condominium managers need to invest in top-quality security services to ensure the safety of building residents.

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