Canadian Security Heroes: Saving Lives In All Industries

In the industry of security, vigilance and swift action are paramount. Despite preconceptions, security guards use their skills for more than protecting property and preventing monetary losses. They protect the communities they serve and the people within them. Sometimes, this protection results in lives saved from catastrophic events.

Thanks to their prompt action, three Blackbird Security employees in hospitality, office, and retail settings demonstrated bravery and excellence by saving lives in 2023, highlighting the indispensable value of security personnel in all industries. Join us in this blog as we celebrate these three exemplary security guards and share their stories. 

Gulab Singh: Tactical Security Guard Responds to Fire

Tactical Security Guard Gulab Singh was stationed at the Samesun Hostel in Vancouver on September 16, 2023, when a fire broke out. 

At around 2:00 AM, just before Gulab was about to go on a break, he checked Samesun’s CCTV cameras where he saw smoke coming from the back of the building. Upon immediate investigation, he witnessed a huge fire engulfing the rear of the building. 

He quickly ran back inside, pulled the fire alarm, and arranged for someone nearby to call 911. He then began to assist in the evacuation of the over 200 sleeping residents within the Samesun Hostel. Gulab’s quick thinking and diligence saved hundreds of lives that night.

This incident highlights the importance of having an on-site security guard stationed overnight at hotels and residental buildings to respond to life-threatening emergencies. Had Gulab not been present to alert the sleeping residents of the Sameson Hostel, the situation likely would have ended in tragedy. 

To honour his life-saving efforts, the Canadian Security Lifesaver Association (CSLA) presented him with the prestigious Lifesaver medal and a certificate of honour during a ceremony held at Blackbird Security’s head office. 

Read the Gulab’s story and watch the video below. 



Rick Bunyan: Office Security Guard Performs CPR

While on duty at a government office in Penticton, BC, Rick was approached by a mother holding her unresponsive infant. Rick immediately called for someone to phone 911 and began administering CPR to the child. Thanks to Rick’s immediate life-saving treatment, the child was successfully revived and taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Rick’s quick thinking and skills turned a terrifying moment into one of hope. His courage and professionalism under pressure exemplify the exceptional team members at Blackbird, reflecting the values we uphold in office security and all of our security services. 

Rick’s story models the trust placed in security guards and their station in the public eye as figures of trust and authority. At Blackbird Security, our security guards undergo First Aid Training to equip them with the skills needed to act in life-saving situations just like this, making them safe to approach and trust in moments of need.

Read Rick’s story.


Office security guard from Blackbird Security saves lives.

Gursimran Singh: Retail Tactical Security Guard Saves Lives

Gursimran responded to a fire that had the potential to harm multiple staff and shoppers at a retail business in Vancouver, BC.

As soon as he spotted the fire, Gursimran immediately used a fire extinguisher to safely put out the blaze. Thanks to his training and rapid response, Gursimran was able to prevent a potentially devastating event. 

As noted by the fire investigator, the building had an old wooden structure which caused the fire to spread rapidly. Had Gursimran not acted as swiftly as he did, the fire could have led to serious injuries and extensive damage to the building. Gursiman’s story shows the value in retail security as not just a vehicle to protect product and inventory, but as a pillar of support and safety in dangerous situations.

Read Gursimran’s story.

Retail security guard from Blackbird Security saves lives.

Partner With Blackbird Security to Protect And Save Lives

At Blackbird Security, we’re immensely proud of the three guards who showed tremendous courage, swift action, and deployment of training protocols while on duty. Their quick thinking resulted in numerous lives saved in 2023 and we are honoured to call them our colleagues and friends.

In any industry or setting, having security personnel on site can help save the lives of staff and clients. The right security personnel could be the difference between a day saved or an unfortunate tragedy. As demonstrated by the exceptional guards at Blackbird Security, we take pride in giving our clients the best protection in all the industries we serve.

As a security company, our primary goal is the safety and security of our clients, their staff and customers, and members of the community at large. We go above and beyond to ensure the safety of everyone in and around the businesses we protect, at all times and in every industry.

We protect the safety of our communities in all of the following industries: 

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