UBC Robson Square Demonstrates the Importance of Campus Security with Blackbird's Tactical Security Program

When it comes to ensuring the safety of a bustling university campus like UBC Robson Square in downtown Vancouver, there's no room for compromise, as it is paramount to provide a secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

This is precisely why UBC Robson Square has joined forces with Blackbird Security to implement a comprehensive Tactical Security Program that addresses a myriad of safety concerns while fostering a friendly and approachable campus atmosphere.

A Trusted Partnership

Blackbird Security has been at the forefront of safeguarding the UBC community since 2019. As part of this partnership, UBC Robson Square now deploys two of Blackbird's highly trained tactical security guards during each shift. This presence helps ensure that the campus remains a safe haven for learning and collaboration, offering peace of mind to everyone who steps foot on its premises.

To provide the highest level of service, Blackbird's security personnel undergo rigorous training and screening processes. This includes the requirement for Occupational First Aid Level 2 certification and specialised Naloxone training, enabling them to respond effectively to medical emergencies and overdose situations.

Comprehensive Services for Enhanced Tactical Security

The scope of services offered by Blackbird's Tactical Security Program at UBC Robson Square is both thorough and versatile. Interior and exterior foot patrols and mobile security are conducted meticulously to detect and mitigate any potential threats to the campus and its occupants. Guards are well-equipped to prevent vagrancy, vandalism, and other criminal activities that might compromise the campus's safety.

One of the unique challenges faced by UBC Robson Square is its proximity to provincial court holding cells, accessible through connecting doors on the site. Blackbird's security guards extend their watchful eyes to these areas, ensuring that the premises remain uncompromised.

An Inclusive Approach to Campus Security

The value of a warm and welcoming campus environment cannot be overstated. Blackbird's guards understand this importance and embody a customer-centric approach. They greet visitors and students with warmth, ensuring that the first interaction they have on campus is a positive one. This approach creates an atmosphere of approachability and knowledge-sharing, contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

In addition to their daily responsibilities, Blackbird's uniformed security guards carry out comprehensive site audits to monitor and manage the presence of vandalism or hazardous substances in university facilities. They also handle lost and found items, return them to their rightful owners, and maintain constant vigilance to report any incidents or damage to UBC staff.

Event Security, Mobile Patrol, & Beyond

UBC Robson Square is no stranger to hosting a multitude of events, including talks by high-profile speakers and engaging workshops. Recognizing the unique requirements of such gatherings, Blackbird extends its support to event security, ensuring that every occasion is both enjoyable and secure.

To meet the heightened staffing needs, Blackbird employs innovative strategies; this includes Mobile Supervisors, who are leveraged to staff sites with part-time mobile staff, and a redundancy plan is implemented to guarantee coverage. Pre-event meetings with UBC representatives further ensure that the appropriate number of personnel are on standby for any last-minute needs.

Professional Security, Comprehensive Programs

UBC Robson Square's partnership with Blackbird's Tactical Security Program underscores the university's unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of its community. Through the dedication and expertise of Blackbird's security personnel, the campus remains a beacon of learning, collaboration, and safety. In addition to campus security, we extend our services to the following industries: 

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