How Blackbird Security Revolutionised Safety at Kelowna's Cactus Club Cafe

In the vibrant city of Kelowna, British Columbia, Cactus Club Cafe is known for its bustling atmosphere, delicious food, and energetic vibes. However, they began to face unique security challenges that threatened the safe and smooth operation of their establishment.

In this case study, we will explore how the implementation of Blackbird Security's hospitality-trained foot patrol, mobile security, tactical guards, and elite guards radically transformed the safety and customer experience at Kelowna’s Cactus Club Café.

The Challenge: Unique Concerns from the Hospitality Industry

Many popular restaurants encounter security issues, whether that’s high-risk incidents between patrons, crowd control concerns, theft, or suspicious behaviour. At Blackbird, our security techniques to address these issues range from access control and evacuation support to mobile patrols and hospitality guards. And, to accommodate the atmosphere, our team dresses in professional, suitable clothing that will complement each restaurant’s brand.

As leaders in the restaurant industry and hospitality giants within Canada, Cactus Club understood that they needed a leading security company to partner with their efforts and enable them to go above and beyond their current services. 

The Solution: Blackbird Security's Hospitality-Trained Foot Patrol & Uniformed Guards

At Blackbird, we understand that it is essential to have security measures in place that are specifically tailored to each client’s unique needs. By evaluating Cactus Club’s requirements, the team at Blackbird Security then provided a customised solution that involved deploying foot patrol, tactical security, and elite guards trained explicitly in hospitality. By applying this tailored approach, customers were able to feel safe and secure while also receiving the top-notch service they expect from a restaurant experience.

In addition to comprehensive security training, Blackbird guards also received dedicated training in customer service and incident de-escalation. This multifaceted approach ensured guests felt welcomed and safe while enjoying their dining experience.

The Impact: Enhanced Safety & a Positive Guest Experience

Implementing Blackbird Security's custom solutions generated remarkable results for Kelowna's Cactus Club Café. Patrons reported increased feelings of safety and enjoyment, while the restaurant saw a significant decline in incidents.

The success of this partnership has led to Blackbird Security teaming up with other notable hospitality brands that go beyond the restaurant industry and into the leading names in customer service, including Delta Hotel and the Holiday Inn.

A Comprehensive Solution for Restaurant Security & Hospitality

Blackbird Security's expert integration of hospitality and customer service within our protection plans has proven to be a highly effective solution for restaurant security challenges. Our positive impact and demonstrated results have allowed us to remain Canada’s number one security team. With skills that go beyond the hospitality industry, we develop comprehensive and tailored plans to suit a variety of services and businesses, including:

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