Blackbird Security Partners with Landmark Premiere Properties for Luxury Security Solutions

At Blackbird Security, we understand that the protection needs of luxury residential properties come with unique circumstances and challenges. That's why we are proud to announce our partnership with Landmark Premiere Properties, a leading provider of high-end property management services and sales, and condominium living.

With this new agreement in place, both parties will be able to experience an enhanced level of security and service for clients seeking a top-tier secure living experience. Our advanced safety integrations will keep their onsite personnel secure, and our tailored plans ensure complete coverage – from intrusion detection to emergency response plans – giving employees and tenants alike peace of mind when it comes to safety and security.

Landmark Premiere Properties Requires Luxury Security Services

Landmark Premiere Properties is currently running a sales centre for new condominium development, which necessitates advanced security measures that will keep their staff and their future tenants safe from harm. To address these unique challenges, Blackbird Security has crafted a customised luxury security strategy.

As part of our comprehensive and tailored plan for Landmark, our team is trained in front desk security and check-ins, customer and visitor verifications, appointment confirmations, verbal de-escalation, access control measures, and a uniformed guard presence.

Blackbird's Elite Suite & Tie Services

Blackbird Security’s professionally trained guards provide unparalleled expertise in luxury residential security. Our guards are not only skilled in technical aspects; we are also proficient in addressing the unique needs of high-end clients.

At Blackbird, we understand that high-end executive protection, and elite security requires our team to go above and beyond the average services. This includes redirecting or de-escalating any aggressive individuals entering the sales centre, ensuring the safety of the sales team, and maintaining a professional and customer-facing presence at all times.

Advanced Security Measures by Blackbird's Team

With the combined experience of both Blackbird Security and Landmark Premiere Properties, clients can expect state-of-the-art security measures for their luxury residential properties, while employees and staff can rest assured of a smooth and secure work environment. 

Part of Blackbird’s approach to securing Landmark with enhanced security measures includes a constant monitoring of our advanced patrols for optimal protection, rigorous access control for ultimate privacy, and positioning highly trained personnel who are adept at defusing potentially volatile situations.

An Industry-Leading Partnership for High-End Security Solutions

Blackbird Security's industry-leading techniques and tailored approach to each client's needs are what make us the best security company in Canada. By partnering with Landmark Premiere Properties, we can offer our clients even better luxury security solutions tailored to their unique needs, and ensure their properties are both safe and exclusive. In addition to front desk and concierge security, uniformed guards, and mobile patrol, Blackbird offers the following security services:

If your property requires high-end, customised security solutions, consider getting in touch with Blackbird Security today to work with us in developing a personalised plan tailored to your business needs.

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